Libra, who are you?

With that soft smile and undiluted charm, Libra is almost always able to get on her way.  Do you know it was Libra who invented romance?  The word love and the word Libra are practically synonymous.  It is so pleasing and at ease to be with Libra.  She is so lovely and refined to look at.  As if there is a scented glow of fragrance around her, without conscious awareness you will fall into her Libra charm…and do as told…willingly!

One of her most valuable assets is her ability to hide her sharp, keen mind behind her graceful outlook.   At her heart she is a thinker.  Logic and reason are her instinct, which are masked by her beauty.  She compares everything, pros and cons, then after a very long time she will come to a conclusion, which usually is a perfect one due to the long time taken to make a decision.  She weighs everything twice.

A Libra man will be able to give you lots of advice, as he has the habit of rationalising everything.  His occasional indecisiveness may annoy you, but there is always a smile (a lot of them have dimples).  He hates bloodshed.  But the Libran General, with his qualities of balanced and harmonious judgement, makes an excellent strategist.  His thoughtful planning can win a battle before it is fought. 

He is an artistic soul at heart, that’s why he loves his home decor, wall art and all things beautiful.  Soft light, mellow music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines turn him on.  He will use every trick with casual ease to get a girl. Seldom fails!  However once he gets her, he isn’t always sure what to do with her. If you want to talk to your Libra husband all night long, my advice is: remember that he is not your psychiatrist, the facts and facts alone are sufficient.   He enjoys good argument with grace, yet he has no desire to uncover your secret. He is not really that deep (unless his temperament has lots of water).  Just because he is an expert lover technically doesn’t make him the soul of empathy in relation to your moods. 

Typical Libra has a rather lavish hand with cash.  He believes in spending on objects that bring beauty or happiness. Colour coordinated home, furniture of good taste are the norm.  While at home he may be very sloppy himself, he will expect you to pick up the socks and fold the papers he scatters on the floor.  He needs tidy environment.  Not taking this initiative to pick up trash you are at your own risk that he will find his secretary more and more attractive.  You have been told.

Biggest threat to his health: indulgence of some kind.  All things sweet.

: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Libra on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Libra (3) Venus in Libra (4) 3 or more planets in Libra, or a mixture of the above.

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