What can we learn from The Moon

I was doing online shopping yesterday and found a lovely journal with the silver-pressed text “over the moon” printed on it.  Perhaps you have heard it before.  If someone say to you, “Oh, I’m over the moon today”, what does he mean?  I looked up the dictionary, it means he is very happy, so happy that he is overjoyed.  Example: Dan is over the moon these days.  He just bought a new house.

The Moon card from Tarot is ruled by Pisces.  It has a deep instinctual force, a sign that now is time to trust your intuition.  Psychic awareness is heightened during this period, hence you are likely to be susceptible to emotional mood swings.  On the other hand, this is excellent time to attend to your dreams, feelings and the creative side of you.  It is good time to make use of your creative talent in art, writing, drama, painting etc. Your gut feelings are more reliable than logical analysis now.

The traditional connotations associated with Pisces include confusion, deceit, self-deception and lies. So if you are asking whether you are being deceived, the card warns that you are a victim of false information, as something is happening behind the scene that you do not know.  Yet all will come into the moonlight eventually.

The Moon is also a travel card and signifies your mother.

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