Your Heart Chakra

Last weekend I had some quiet time staying at home.  Then I looked around and realised my home decorative accessories were progressively replaced by different shades of green – from photo frames to vases to fresh flowers.  And so was my wardrobe!

Dark green in particular is a key colour trend this year.  So if you are considering to shop for your autumn/winter trench coat or homeware, Irish green is the colour choice.

Green is also one of my most favourite colours.  It is my constant reminder of the nurturing quality and abundance of our Mother Earth. Located midway in the chakra system, the heart centre is associated with the colour green.

The heart is nowadays associated with emotions, but in the past it was thought to be the seat of the mind and soul.  This chakra balances our internal reality with the outside world.  It is concerned with relationships of all kinds.  Balancing the energies of the heart chakra can quickly restore life-energy throughout the body, creating a sense of calm and confidence for positive changes.  It also helps unblock restrictions (perhaps just in your mind) which deplete our immune system.  Balancing of the heart chakra results in expression of love.

It is so easy to wear a green colour crystal as a pendant.  Using a necklace that hangs the pendant to the heart level so that the crystal will be in constant touch with your skin.  This is going to heal your chakra balance without conscious effort.  Any green colour crystals will do, such as Jade that I mentioned earlier.  Here I recommend Amazonite.

Amazonite calms and balances the emotions and helps with throat and lung issues.

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