What can we learn from The Sun

To our ancestors The Sun is God.  We heard of the Sun worshippers.  The Sun is warm, he brings fire and warmth to our lives.  We feel a strong boost of energy on a sunny day. What is your most favourite time of the day?  Mine is sunrise.  I get up at 5:00am on my usual day and always look forward to the moment when the sky turns himself from absolute darkness to progressive white-orange shade.  I say my morning prayer at that time.

The Sun is one of the most auspicious card in Tarot.   He signifies success, achievement and the power of positive thinking.  Imagine a ray of sunshine enters into your body.  This is a time of joy, hope, celebration, good fortune and happiness!  How about some good time spending with your friends today?  A walk in the park is also good idea.  With the sun you feel vital, alive and healthy.

If you have a chance, enjoy the outdoor today and say a prayer to nature, with gratitude.

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