Cycle of Success

In Wicca, the year is seen as a turning wheel. Once it has completed a rotation, it keeps going and spins around again and again. Nature and the cycle of earth have her seasons. Celebrating the Sabbats helps to keep you in tune with nature and the cycles of the earth’s seasons. Living in the cities, as many of us do, often leaves us feeling cut off from the cycling nature of life. Observing the Sabbats can help you realign your rhythms and energies with the natural forces of the earth. I have been thinking how might the nature’s cycle relate to our mundane job-business. 


The ground is cold, the earth is unproductive.  The trees are barren and seem lifeless.  To the positive ones Winter is a time of beginnings.  It is a time of anticipation, vision and dreams.  Which are your important areas of life?  They are fields for planting your crops so as the cycle comes to the end your can have your harvest. It is good idea to make a list of what you want to achieve during this time.  Think big.  Winter is the season for planning.


Spring is the time of enthusiastic activities – getting the seeds, preparing the soil, and planting.  The energy level is high, the Goddess is happy.  It is time to take winter plans and put them into actions.  Get a head start. Spring is the season for planting.


Perhaps time for a long relaxing vacation!  Vacation it is but do not make it a whole summer long.  This is time for cultivation.  If you neglect in summer what you planted in Spring, you won’t get your harvest in Autumn.  For the positive ones, summer is the time for continual watering, cultivation and fertilisation.  Cultivate yourself through learning.  Do more work.  They will pay off.  Summer is the season for hard work.


As you planned in Winter, planted in Spring, sweated in Summer, congratulations!  Autumn brings you harvest. Autumn is a time of reaping, with feeling of accomplishment. Here you made the most of every season and time is due for your rewards. Autumn is the season for produce.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

1 thought on “Cycle of Success

  1. The Frustrated Gardener

    I find I am very much a spring person. I love the arrival of new life and prospect of the year stretching ahead of me. I struggle a little with autumn. Although in many ways autumn is when the planning for the next year begins, I see it predominantly as an ending, an undoing of the work I started in spring. I try to get to grips with this by keeping busy, but don’t enjoy the shorter days, the decay and the prospect of cold days ahead. Your post has helped me to see all seasons in a more positive light.

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