What can we learn from Judgement

On the day of your funeral, how would you like to be remembered?  I hope I will be remembered as an inspirational leader who has touched many people’s heart with positive impact.  Every day I remind myself in the morning to live a life towards this goal.  Oh, I bluff too much!  I guess people really think I am just a silly bloke from the neighbourhood who always talk about magic, astrology, divination and the like. Yet we shall all have our dreams.

Now is an ending time of a phase of life and the assessment of its worth. It is the end of an era with the phoenix rising from its ashes.  A time of renewal, awakening, and reaping of rewards from past actions.  You may be faced with a crucial decision that will change your life’s course.  Therefore it is important you get prepared for the next stage of growth by evaluating your learning lessons from the past.  If you are contemplating a career change, you will achieve success because you thoroughly self-appraised and are ready for transformation.

It is also time to break free of the old habits.  Regeneration has already taken place. Issues on healing, recovery, and legal matters are all favourable.

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