What can we learn from The World

This is the last card of the major arcana.  You have come to the end of the journey.  What would you envision at this state?  A sense of blissfulness perhaps?  Or regret with unfulfilled dreams that you wish you could restart again?

Like it or not, this is the completion of your cycle.  If you have done your best, this is a culmination of your past efforts.  You should be reaching your goal and receiving your prize by now.  A job well done!  This is a time of triumph and celebration.  However if you are like most of us that you didn’t do your best, the end of a phase is also the beginning of something new.  There is another chance.  You can restart taking with you the lessons you learned from the past.  This is good news, isn’t it?

For those good kids who have reached their goal, all is well and success is at hand.  You have reached the promised land.  After this period of completion, you will begin a new cycle.  Are you ready for another ride?

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