The Magical Properties of Lavandula Angustifolia

Magical aromatherapy, in one form or another, has been with us from the earliest great civilizations.  It is as old as the moment when a human being first smelled the delicious scent rising from a flower and recognised it as pure energy springing from the almighty Mother Earth.

Our ancesters used the power of fragrant plants to produce specific changes in their lives.  These changes include inducing spiritual connection with God, drawing love, heightening sexual arousal, purifying the body prior to a ritual, healing the sick and guarding againt negative energies.

Well known to the classic Greeks and Romans, lavender was used to perfume bath water and was burned as incense to the deities.  There are 3 common types of lavender all have different therapeutic properties: true lavender (lavandula angustifolia), spike lavender (lavandula latifolia) and lavandin (lavandula hybrida).  My favourite is true lavender grown in the highland in France.  The fragrance is smooth, rich, delicate and subtle.  The French ones have the highest percentage of linalool, and second highest in linalyl acetate, compared to Japan, Australia and Eastern Europe.  Linalyl acetate is a type of esters that is very calming to the nervous system.  It is excellent for scar tissue recovery.  If you have a cut wound,use one drop of true lavender oil and apply directly to it then cover with a bandage tape.  This will heal the would much faster.  Linalool is antiseptic and also antiviral.

Lavandula Angustifolia is ruled by Mercury, it is best applied on a Wednesday.  Mercury is the ruler of intelligence, conscious mind, study, self-improvement, travel and communication.  On top of these significations, lavender has magical influence on health, love and peace.  It is good for calming stormy or uncontrolled emotional state by bringing our feelings under conscious control.  When you inhale the lavender scent (3-5 drops of true lavender essential oils in a diffuser), visualise a picture of success in these areas that make you so joyful.  Send your wish to the univese. In its essence, magical aromatherapy is the process of visualisation, inhalation of the scent of an essential oil, and the programming of personal energy.

May you use it to manifest positive, needed changes in your life.  

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