On the Magical Qualities of Number One

Well, I certainly can count one, two, three, four…yet maths have never been my favourite since my childhood.  I remembered there was an animation on TV with a magical piece of bread, on which a kid could write all his study notes and eat it up, he would then be able to remember everything needed for his exam.  I wish so much to have one when I was younger, though even I could write all mathematical formula I doubt very much they could help pass my math exams!  (For the record I passed all my public exams on maths just without flying colours).  At work I have been blessed to have lovely people around to help me walk through all the spread sheets I needed to know so that I could understand and memorise the key numbers before important meetings.

The science of number is one of the oldest on earth.  Early cultures wrote numbers in pottery markings, weaving patterns, knots and stones.  The four classic liberal arts – arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy, all require a true understanding of the quality of number.  All science has its origin in magic, and in the ancient schools no magician was ever unschooled in the power of number.  I am happy to share my small attempt to unveil some of the many secrets and magical qualities of number…one at a time.

The number One (corresponding to all the Aces in Tarot) indicates new beginnings or opportunities for a fresh start.  It generally brings with energy for a new endeavour.  Multiple Aces in a reading indicate someone who is opening up to a whole new phase touching on many facets of life, which can be a sparkling idea, creative project, new love or financial plan.  The number One always speak of something new.

Notice what is around you.  If there is anything marked with 1 or with all its numbers added together to come down to a single digit of 1 (for example you live in No. 10 Seaside Road, then you have your home represented by the quality of 1+0 = 1), the energy current of the property will be one of the magical qualities of number One: autonomy, independence, courage, leadership, unity and new beginning.  You may choose to mark any of your belongings with number 1 if you would like to embrace its energy.  It is good to find out your personal year number for 2016 from my previous post here.

On the 1st day of the year, may I wish you a fabulous beginning with new ideas coming into your consciousness like bright flashes of light.  Take initiative and seize the opportunities as they come.  Namaste.

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