Product Review: Stress Away ™ Essential Oil

The name of this product is interesting. Stress Away ™ sounds like a sorcerer sweep to me, that all my worries can be lifted off instantly!  Have been using this oil for a week, I enjoyed it a lot. This is an essential oil blend formulated by Young Living.  I want to be sharing occassionally their products that I have tried personally and found them therapeutic.

She is my ‘love at first scent’.  I fell in love with her scent right away when I opened the bottle. She was sweet and creamy, like a French pudding. This must be the Vanilla oil in the blend. I  used it for body massage mostly before I went to bed.  It was heaven.  A few minutes after the oil absorbed into my body I started to feel a peppermint cool that calmed my nerves down.  My body felt much lighter as if the burden of my day was magically removed; my soul was feather stroked by my Arch Angel.

I was curious why this oil brought me so much joy so I studied her composition.  Taken from my notes:


What amuses me is her planetary signature. Stress Away ™ has the signature of all traditional planets except one: Saturn.  No wonder her magic is so calming and relaxing!  Saturn rules all duties and responsibilities.  He is a serious father who wants discipline for his children for their own sake, so that they can protect themselves within safe boundaries.  Often we feel heaviness from Saturn because of his demand for perfection through life’s training.  

Sometimes, probably at the end of a day, we can take a little break.  Stress Away ™ helps to do exactly that. I can sleep very well after applying it for body massage. The next day morning I feel energised and ready again for new challenges ahead. 

My recommendation on how to use Stress Away ™:

1. Full body massage.  I use 3% dilution (eg. 8 drops in 15 mil of carrier oil) as my skin is sensitive, and my belief that ‘less is more’.

2. Inhalation. 5-6 drops in a diffuser. Diffuse for under 3 hours.

3. Hot bath. After filling hot water in the bath tub add 5-6 drops.

I hope you will enjoy Stress Away ™ as much as I do.  If you would like to make a purchase please click the Young Living icon on the right side of my home page, or here. You will find options on buying at normal retail price or discounted independent distributor price. There is no minimum order required if you wish to register as an independent distributor. 


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Stress Away ™ Essential Oil

    1. The Magician Post author

      I was trying to wait for a bit. I bought this for you as your Christmas gift but they went out of stock. It arrived last week and I planned to ask Ming to carry over to your office in February. Hope you will like it.

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