On the Magical Qualities of Number Two

From my magickal journal that I have been using to record mystical knowledge, the key words covered by 2 include: choice, discovery, progress, partnership, stalemate and balance.

Two often indicates friendships, romantic relationships, or any type of partnership between two or more people.  The type of relationship can be personal or career-based.  Two can also indicate the need to make a choice between different options, or perhaps time is not right so we make the decision to be indecisive for now.  The energy of this number asks us to seek balance, harmony and cooperation.

Sometimes it can indicate duality in a situation, which implies multiple meanings at once.  In a tarot reading when multiple of 2s show up, I will often advise my client of the need to make choices on various fronts (depend on the suit) of her life, as well as the need to work with others on various goals.

The magical qualities of 2 reminds me of the balance of power, the need to be considerate when building partnership so that each can trust and depend on one another with emotional safety.  Being supportive to the other person’s needs can be done by providing the necessary information, data and details.

Just for today, meditate on the qualities of 2 to guide you and observe how she influences your relationships in the highest and greatest good.

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