Pisces, who are you?

There is one thing no kind of Pisces will ever be short of – romance.  Given the resources, he can turn into a great painter, a great musician or a great poet.  The key is the resource.  Where can he find it?  From you of course.  You will be his patron or patroness because money is of no clue to him.  While he can exist nicely on bread and wine, such diet won’t feed a wife.  You need things like cosmetics, shoes, rent money and well, all the essentials don’t you?  There is only one way out with this kind of fish: be an heiress of fortune.  Oh, perhaps one more way: get 2 jobs.  Otherwise, use your means to encourage the gentle dreamer to earn his potatoes by turning his dreams into reality.  

The fish was born with the desire to see the world through rose-coloured spectacles. He knows well enough about the dark side of humanity, but he prefers to live in his own watery, gentle world where everyone is beautiful and lovely. If reality becomes too terrible to face, he often escapes into day dreams to hide himself.  Remember that the fish is sensitive and can be easily hurt.  His shyness is due to a painful consciousness of his own limitations, whatever they may be, and he feels them keenly.  He needs to know that his virtues are appreciated by someone that he admires.  Never hold back encouragement from him.

The Pisces glyph is of 2 fish swimming in opposite directions.  It symbolises the choice given to Pisces: to swim to the top or to swim to the bottom, which will never quite reach his goals.  It is never easy for the fish to struggle and fight their way upstream.  More easy is for the fish to follow the current to wherever it takes him.  Yet to swim upstream is the challenge of Pisces – and the only way he will ever find true happiness and peace.

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Pisces on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Pisces (3) Jupiter in Pisces (4) Sun in Pisces (5) 3 or more planets in Pisces, or a mixture of the above.

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