On the Magical Qualities of Number Three

Father, mother and child.  Three is the combination of male and female energy into creating something new.  The number represents creativity, growth and self-expression.  I love this number, to me it feels I am not alone, it is a situation when I have someone to discuss, there is team work.  1+1 is greater than 2.  1+1 makes 3.

In a tarot reading, the three cards indicate a need to see clearly where we are heading and to make decisions based upon those goals.  A lot of 3s in a reading gives us insight that our client is seeking expansion in many aspects of her life.  There is a strong need to create, to grow into a stronger person.

In an oracle reading, a dominant 3 indicates that the client has a strong creative side, which needs expressive outlets.  Find ways to use her imagination, and express herself in an artistic, dramatic manner.  Her inner world of dream is richly coloured and filled with enchantment. She is advised to find continuous expression for her artistic nature.

By all means creativity points out a reason to proclaim our happiness over a joyous event.  Perhaps we come from a background that fill us with sorrow, it is a moment for our lives to be healed with our forward motion.  It is a nice reminder that we need to enjoy life a little more.  Now we get to celebrate!

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