Clary Sage: your best girl friend ever!

My teacher introduced this oil to me as the best girl friend ever.  All girls should have one bottle handy, though there are so much beneficial properties that we boys should enjoy too.  Clary Sage in aromotherapy uses its Latin name Salvia sclarea to distinguish itself from Sage oils.  While they share many properties, Clary Sage does not present the risks of toxicity associated with the high level of thujone in Sage oil.

I guess why it is the best girl friend is because Clary is an emmenagogue, and can help scanty or missing periods.  It is best used during the first half of the menstrual cycle.  It promotes oestrogen secretion – useful during menopause for symptoms such as hot flushes, headaches and irritability.  However during pregnancy this oil is not advised to be used.

The plant is native to Italy, Syria and southern France, but will grow anywhere that the soil is dry enough.  I wish I were more knowledgeable in gardening, luckily I got my Frustrated Gardener friend who I can always refer to on botanical matters.  The essential oil is distilled from the flowers and flowering tips, containing a lot of esters which make the oil anti-inflammatory, calming and tonic.  It has a wonderfully nutty aroma.

Clary Sage is well known for its euphoric action in treating nervousness, fear and depression.  Most will simply become very relaxed, so it is unwise to give massage with high dosage with this oil (over 3%) to any clients who have to drive home after therapy.  Yet Clary Sage is very helpful for all kind of stress and tension.  It is a powerful muscle relaxant which, of course, is especially useful when muscular tension arises from mental or emotional stress.  Use diluted oil for massage, or use in baths at home.

For people who practise magick of all sort, it opens the path to creativity and intuition.  Meditate with Clary Sage oil on an oil burner or diffuser.

As one of the most powerful relaxants known in aromatherapy, it is the best friend for both girls and boys.  It can be used with care and sensitivity to help the ever growing number of people who suffers from increased anxiety created by the modern 21st century life.

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