On the Magical Properties of Number Four

The Chinese feel this number as one carries bad luck, for it sounds like death in their language.  They consider this number the equivalence of 13 in the West.  For me the number 4 reminds me of the four legs of a table, a state of stability and solidarity.

Four represents a solid foundation.  Consider a table with 4 legs.  It feels solid, stable and secure.  Four also represents structure, order, balance and discipline.  There is also a sense of confinement in it, like the wall of a prison.  For people who has a free soul will sometimes suffocate with its formality and restriction.

People who were born under the influence of 4 are hard worker, who enjoys achievement and accomplishment.  A part of them like structure and routine.  They are a good planner, and they get their job done thoroughly.  They are the pillar of strength on which many people might lean.  They are purposeful and reliable, nearly always finish what they start.

A large number of fours in a tarot reading indicates a moment of reflection.  This may take the form of celebration, like the Four of Wands, or a need to reflect inwardly, like the Four of Swords.  It is often that reflection which leads to the change that comes with the Fives.

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