On the Magical Properties of Number Five

This is the number of changes.  It lacks stability and requires constant movement, reshuffle, and finding of the right partners to join force.  It cannot stand still or remain unmoved.  The number reminds me of the transition from old to new economies, that all traditional businesses are now slowing down whereas the new ones like Uber or Airbnb are appearing from nowhere yet growing at a speed that all our ancestors can never imagine.  Here comes the force of change.

A person with a dominant 5 in his life numbers may experience many changes in life.  Outer conditions demand that he become flexible and adaptable.  He needs to move his body and feel life through his senses.  He may experience much excitement in his life: using variety to overcome irritability.

People who is undergoing their life cycle of 5 will enjoy variety, newness and sensation.  Much of his life will be living in motion, and he will want freedom to explore and experience new adventures.  Travelling is a key theme.  He will do best with wide open space and room to move.  Be ready for sudden changes that bring tension and excitement at the same time.

Fives are often challenges that bring about opportunities.  With 5s we learn to adapt – we spread free our wings and break free of circumstances that no longer feel right to us.  Often there is resistance to change as we don’t like uncertainty, however do know that this is a forward momentum from heaven that is meant for our greater good.  Once we overcome the uncomfortable feeling of change, we often find that we are glad we went through it. 

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