Palmistry: let’s learn together (Part 1)

Give a brief outline of what you understand Palmistry to be.

Palmistry, like medicine, is a pragmatic thing – the result of an attempt on the part of mankind to create order out of chaos, to find meaning and significance in an outward form.  Palmistry consists of a series of hypothesis – and it is right that these should be open to criticism.  We maybe wrong in the individual case, but general experience shows that on the whole it is correct to connect the two.

What are the two categories of Palmistry called?

Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy.

What is Cheirognomy?

It deals with the shape of the hands and the fingers.

What is Cheiromancy?

It deals with the lines and markings on the palms.

By now you should have an understanding of the seven types of hands and have been able to see which type of hand yours is! Give a detailed explanation of the shape and characteristics of your hand.


I have conic hands.  It is proportionately of medium size, the palm is a little tapered towards the fingers, which are slightly pointed at the tip.  These people are artistic, original, talented and often inspired; many have powers of extra-sensory perception and are particularly susceptible to precognitive dreams and clairaudience.  My hands are full and soft, these people are luxury loving and indolent without the drive or energy necessary to complete a task.  Those with conic hand are sympathetic, impulsive and extremely generous to friends and loved ones in need, they have little patience with prejudice, deplore lies and dishonesty, and are generally very difficult to deceive.  They are clever, think rapidly and possess the ability to quickly grasp the fundamentals of a subject.

When is the term ‘long finger’ applied?

The term is applied where the middle finger equals the measurement of the palm.

What observations do we obtain from the Little Finger?

The little finger dedicated to Mercury shows how well the subject is able to get on with others.  If it tends to separate from the third finger it indicates difficulty in forming emotional attachments and a reluctance to express true thoughts and feelings.  A long top or nail phalange means a good command of language, if the finger appears a little twisted it can apply untruthfulness.

What hand type or shape is the rarest and most beautiful to find?

The psychic hand.

What are the characteristics of a Flabby hand?

May be lazy and indifferent.  Strength of mind depends upon the lines and signs in the palm.  Often find a lucrative way of living.  Incredible moods and temperament.

What do the ‘mounts’ refer to?

It is the area beneath the fingers.


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