What can Palmistry do for you?

This is a wonderful subject. Because it can do so much. Reading a hand is like reading a book, but this book is about you – the most interesting and important subject to know about. The hand will show you your strengths, your weaknesses, your talents, where you need help, where you will excel, periods of ease, advancement and difficulties. And it will show you the tools to overcome those difficulties. Know thyself, as advised by the Delphi oracle as the one thing we should all do in this life. 

To know one self is the key to self-realisation and probably this is the main purpose of the palm to help you to be the best version of you, your unique self you can be.  

There are many ways to look inside, but to me palmistry is one of my favourites because at a glance you will know deep things about yourself. In the modern world not only ourselves, but others are important to understand. By reading the palm you will know instantly things that might otherwise take months to know. 

How nice it would be for people to be able to reflect themselves as the person who would appreciate being seen as who they are. You will know the best way to approach people by cutting to the chase with surprising accuracy. The hand will let you know the best way to approach any person and it is invaluable when choosing an employee, or finding a romantic partner. You will be able to see the soul of the person through the palm. 

Palm reading – or palm listening – is a pleasant way of getting closer to other people. Whether you use it as a party game, a way to size up potential friends or business associates, or a tool for self-knowledge, you will always end up feeling your heart more open to humanity. If practised in a spirit of humanity and from a sincere desire to hear other people’s stories and sympathise with them, palm reading is an endless source of pleasure and interest. 

You can watch your own hands change, and there are twice as many other palms to read as there are people in the world. Every hand tells its own story, yet all hands are fundamentally similar. Focusing on the hands is one of the many ways to appreciate the diversity and unity of human beings. 

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