On the Magical Qualities of Number Six

Sixes bring about harmony.  After the changes of the Fives, we are ready for a break.  This can range from celebration due to a job well done, like the Tarot six of wands; to just plain relief over finishing a new challenge, like the six of Sword.  Sixes indicate the resolution of past challenges that may bring about joy and blissfulness.  

Often they generate a desire to reflect upon the past.  Objectivity is important when looking backward so that we neither romanticise how things used to be, nor see them worse than they were.  A lot of 6s in a tarot reading should bring a smile to a querent’ face.

People with a strong influence of six have many friends and acquaintances.  They help others in kind and caring ways.  They are very much connected to their home and family, which nourish them.  If they feel good about themselves, they can make others feel good.  Their caring and kindness can do much to add to the well-being of people, animals, nature and society.

2 thoughts on “On the Magical Qualities of Number Six

  1. Kallen Fong

    Do I have influences of sixes?! How do you determine?

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    1. The Magician Post author

      Everyone does. The number quality appears in your birth numbers. We have many chances a certain number falls into those. For example it could be in your personality number, life path number, heart desire number to say a few. In the case it doesn’t show in any of those, the number will appear in your yearly or monthly transit number which is calculated by your birthday number plus the current year number or month number. In this case there will be a particular time in your life that you strongly experience its influence.



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