Cancer, who are you?

I love to stay home.  This is what my love said to me every time when I ask what he likes to do in the evening.  I mean every time.  He is not the nerdy sort, just someone with a Cancer ascendant and a Cancer moon (double whammy) in his birth chart.  My mum too, she has heavy Cancer elements in her chart.  So I have two most important person of my life very protective, and possessive.  There is nothing shallow or superficial about the feelings of a Cancer person. When she owns a man, or a tea cup, it is hers forever. But they are never jealous.  They just want the best of me as family members are of prime importance to them.

People born under the sign of the crab aren’t necessarily stingy, but they have this little habit of saving things.  You could say it is a compulsion. They will seldom throw away things, their husbands inclusive.  Who are you to say they won’t find a purpose for those used old bottles, ticket stubs and broken Christmas ornaments?  Everything has a sentimental value, including cancelled cheques in 1985 and their old boy scout badges. They treasure the things they own and guard them like a crab.  That, of course, include you.

With your lover born under the Cancer sign, when things don’t go her way, she may shed a few quiet tears alone, but her normal reaction will be to wait patiently for things to right themselves.  Patience is one of her loveliest virtues.  When she is depressed, you have to take her out and try to catch her before she dwell herself too deep.  She loves to be close by the sea, and go for a walk in the moonlight. This will lift her worries away.

I once knew a Cancerian mum who told me she would let her little son ran around the park to get his steam off after school.  Then her son would say to her, ‘Let’s go home mum.  I am hungry.’  This sums up a Cancerian’s power of love.  It is her strange brand of possessiveness that is unshakable, but never aggressive.  She knows, in her secret heart, that no matter how far you go to follow your dream, you will always come back again and she will be patiently waiting. Her kitchen will smell deliciously of warm spices, she will fill your stomach.  When things go badly she will give you her moon magic to gently smooth away your worries with her sensible advice.  

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Cancer on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Cancer (3) Sun in Cancer (4) 3 or more planets in Cancer, or a mixture of the above.


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