On the Magical Qualities of Number Seven

The specific sevens in a tarot reading can give us an understanding of whether the client is moving along a path of happiness, or standing still in procrastination.  For example the Seven of Water may indicate uncertainty in choosing our next steps; the Seven of Fire may reflect a renewed determination to stay on the course.  If there are multiple sevens in a reading, it could mean a pause in action is advised, as we shall make choices regarding what we want to do next.

Sevens bring along with them a lot of soul searching.  In evaluating our progress, we may find ourselves lacking, and it can be easy for us to be unkind to ourselves when we are not self-forgiving.  There can be a longing for more out of life.  Sevens indicate patience, review and introspection.  We wish to fully understand the truth of our situation and to gain clarity regarding our spiritual development.

Hence this is time for study, research, investigation through quiet observation and inner reflection.  By doing so we hope we can deepen our attunement to the Infinite and gain self-understanding on the meaning of life. 

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