On the Magical Qualities of Number Eight

Guess which is the favourite number for businessmen and entrepreneurs?  Most of the time it will be the number eight.  August, the 8th month of the year, overlaps with the zodiac Sun sign Leo that focus the universal energy on success, strength and leadership.

Eights are an indicator of activities and great progress in our lives.  They foretell us that success through concentrated effort is possible as long as we have a positive attitude.  Like the secret of the law of attraction, optimistic hopes for ourselves are rewarded with the success we want.  Just hang on towards the bright side.

In tarot reading, several eights in a spread will reflect lots of activities going on in our lives.  The EIght of Fire for example indicates stressful situation that stimulate growth, speedy actions and travel activities.  THe Eight of Water shows the determination to move on to seek a better life than now.

Number eight is a power tone.  Themes of authority, control, position and management are strong.  At this time the will power is extremely forceful.

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