Palmistry: let’s learn together (Part 4)

List and discuss the starting points of the line of Saturn.

The line of Saturn is comply called the fate line and it represent the pattern of living.

There could be a few starting points:

Starting from the life line – self-reliance in searching for a career. Moral support from family or friend is helpful but not necessary.

Beginning inside the life line – the subject either receives or needs parental assistance or guidance by way of financial help towards an education or career in business or a profession.

Starting from the base of the palm near the wrist lines – a line of luck whereby the subject follows a pattern of living or career with little resistance or effort.

Starting on the lines of the wrist – obstacles must be overcome before success can be achieved.

From Luna area, lower side of the palm – imagination and restlessness play a strong part in the formation of the future of the subject. With a good head line and a prominent Luna area nothing with hinder the way to a desired goal for success. The lower the line, the more creative ability.

Starting from the head line – a career or arrange can take place later in life and can have equal success and happiness. A short line like this often accompanies a long Saturn line right beside it, indicating a second career or major interest.
List two terminations of the line of Saturn. 

On Saturn area under second finger – always a need to understand human relations. Early responsibilities may continue many years. 

On Jupiter area under first finger – ambitions that must be satisfied in a profession or business, security and a good home.

Where is the termination of the line of Apollo?

Termination of the Apollo line is under the third finger (Apollo mount area). Ending at the heart line – marriage may end the career of a woman. For a man, a change in career. 

List and discuss the lines of Mercury. 

This is also known as the line of health. 

The starting points of the line of Mercury are as follows: 

From the wrist, above the wrist line – the normal starting point, signifying health and success. Independent by nature so tends to overdo work or pleasure resulting in physical depletion.

From the life line – ailments in the digestive system. 

From Luna – restlessness. Desire for constant change.

From the middle of the palm – a period to begin an interest in an enterprise.

Absence of Mercury line – lucky sign. Good appetites, usually a strong
constitution with good business acumen. 

Termination of the Mercury line:

A long solid line ending under the little finger, Mercury area – want quick results and compensation in hard cash. NEdd to conserve physical energy.

Ending at the head line or the heart line – general activity may lessen or stop, depending upon health or occupation.

Give a brief outline to the Cephalic Line.

The cephalic line is parallel to the Mercury line towards the percussion side of the palm. This line indicates a physical reserve that can act when the Mercury line shows a weakness. When exactly parallel it foretells a craving for sensual pleasures and greed for wealth. 

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