On the Magical Qualities of Number Nine

The essential nature of number nine is humanitarian.  Nine indicates that we have come a long way on our path.  We may have paid what we feel a high price in order to get here, hence we need to protect what we have created.  It can also feel like a completion, yet really it is a moment just before we have finished our journey.

In the Tarot, number nine is represented by the card Hermit.  He is a seeker of knowledge from inside, often he asks himself some very powerful questions in order to find out meanings of the world and his place within it.  It is a time to set out on a quest for self-discovery that will define his role going forward.  The Hermit seeks solitude.

Through service to all cultures and races of people, you find your own identity and place in the Creator’s plan.  Even though you cannot control outer circumstances, you can see the best in people.  Attitude of forgiveness and compassion bring out the best in you.  Your altruistic ways open many doors. 

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