Senboku means divination in Japanese.  When it is written in kanji (chinese character), the 2 characters have a total of 7 brush strokes.  In numerology the number 7 relates to spirituality.  A person who is dominated by the 7 is a seeker of truth. I love all form of divination, with particular interest in astrology and tarot.  What does divination means?  To me it is about discerning the intent of the divine.  Sounds so grand and impossible!  Through this space I would like to share my experience in divination, how the knowledge helps me make good decisions and live a happy life.  All knowledge is learn-able. I hope you will enjoy it!

This blog is for my own pleasure.  It contains the mythical knowledge I learned from my esoteric teachers.  There are notes that I made during the course of learning, which I find them extremely interesting.  It is my pleasure to share them with you.

I remain forever a student of divinatory arts.

Email: hello@oraclesenboku.com