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Your Choices Make You

We are the choice we make.  When we first come to this world, we are pretty much the same: naked, innocent, scared.  After that our life ends up with a sum total of the choices we make, big and small, along our life path.

In essence, you make your choices, and then your choices make you.  Every decision can change the path of your life.  For example, whether or not to go to college, whom you choose to marry, whether to quit this job and move on to a new one, to say or not to say I love you.  Every choice, big or small, is going to impact your life.

Our biggest challenge is not making a bad choice.  It is, to quote Darren Hardy’s  The Compound Effect, that you’ve been sleepwalking through your choices.  Half the time, you’re not even aware you’re making them.  Our choices are often unconsciously shaped by our culture and upbringing.

Astrology and Tarot are the tools I use to help my clients to become aware of making choices that support the expansion of their life.  Sounds complicated, but you will be amazed by their positive impact and simplicity.

With astrology I study the innate strengths and weaknesses revealed in your birth chart, this helps you make the big decisions in life for example whether you are better off to be an accountant or an artist, whether you are better off getting married earlier or later; or perhaps not at all.

With tarot I help with decision making on small mundane issues.  Have you been bitten by an elephant?  How about a mosquito?  Often it is the little things in life that will bite you.  Tarot helps us make sensible choices by making us aware of all factors hidden in our unconscious.  Our future is determined by what’s feeding in our mind at the present state.

Finally I use essential oils as tangible resource to support your logical mind, your emotional mind and your body to achieve your goals.  Essential oils are of science and of the spirit.  Tapping their energy give us a strong boost to our engine, they are amazing little help that keep us going.

No more sleepwalking.

I will be most honoured if I can support you with astrology-tarot-aromatherapy to make empowering life decisions.

Using the Traditional Planets for Business Plan

The 7 traditional planets can be considered as angels of God, which governs every aspect of our human life.  In the traditional Chaldean order, the 7 traditional planets are: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon.  Men live below the sublunar level, Saturn is the closest planet to God in traditional world view.

Today I thought about we can actually use the 7 planets as an intellectual framework when we plan for our business projects.  By having all the 7 dimensions well thought out, our business plan can be closer to perfection, of course, this is subject to God’s view.

Here is what we should consider when we start our project plan:

1. Saturn – structure and organisation.  How well structured is our plan?  What are the boundaries?  Who shall be responsible for each part of the work?
2. Jupiter – growth and expansion.  What are the advantages and opportunities? What makes us confident that the plan would work?  What elements we should add to perfect the plan?
3. Mars – courage and motivation.  Are we bold enough to take risk?
4. Sun – leadership.  Do we have good leaders?  Is it the right direction?
5. Venus – pleasure and beauty.  How’s the aesthetic appeal?  Do we have fun for this project?
6. Mercury – communication and thought process.  Documents and presentation files, double check that they are clear and well thought out.
7. Moon – emotion.  Did we address the emotional aspect of the audience?

We can make better business plan considering these 7 dimensions each time.