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Crystals and Astrology

In traditional lore the healing qualities of minerals, or the healing crystals, generally remain subjective. Yet as the symbolic meaning of the crystals became part of the collective unconscious, their psychological or psychic qualities were thought to have an effect on our mind and body. As a crystal healer myself the gemstones are my everyday must-haves. I use them for daily healing and depends on the planetary ruler of the day and my need I carry associated crystals, most of the time I wear them in form of pendant or bracelets. I also use crystals to cleanse the aura of myself and space around me. In the past I perform crystal healing therapy on my clients, usually I would perform chakra clearing / balancing. Now I have spent more time on essential oils and tarot readings. Still crystals are always a part of me and they come in very handy whenever I need an extra boost of mojo to amplify sending positive energies to someone.

There is a direct link between crystals and astrology, since the Sun, Moon and Stars, as well as the Earth are all rocks. Crystals are also called the indigo children of heaven and earth. One reason attributable to the mineral facilities of healing is their ability to transmit and absorb light from the Sun. One interesting fact I learned is that there is a very potent link between human beings, the Earth and the Sun. The Earth’s equator inclines 23 ½ degrees towards the Sun in its orbit around the solar disc; this reflects the same inclination of the human heart towards the left side of the body also at 23 ½ degrees. Our human design is not coincidence. There is a direct link with the Sun, the Earth and the human heart. In astrology the Sun is associated with the heart. Such glimpse of knowledge of the divine plan humbles me.

The colours of the crystals. The variance of colour depends upon absorption and transmission of light bringing them beauty and radiance. The geometry of the crystals defines the metaphysical properties of the individual piece. Planetary rulership of plants and crystals serves as a guide for selection, and ultimately choice must always rest with the intuitive understanding of the astrologer.

My interests are in the mineral kingdom (crystals), the plant kingdom (essential oils) and the kingdom of the soul (astrology and the metaphysics). All of them correspond to each other, with lifetime study I want to become a better holistic healer to heal people’s mind, body and spirit.

Your Heart Chakra

Last weekend I had some quiet time staying at home.  Then I looked around and realised my home decorative accessories were progressively replaced by different shades of green – from photo frames to vases to fresh flowers.  And so was my wardrobe!

Dark green in particular is a key colour trend this year.  So if you are considering to shop for your autumn/winter trench coat or homeware, Irish green is the colour choice.

Green is also one of my most favourite colours.  It is my constant reminder of the nurturing quality and abundance of our Mother Earth. Located midway in the chakra system, the heart centre is associated with the colour green.

The heart is nowadays associated with emotions, but in the past it was thought to be the seat of the mind and soul.  This chakra balances our internal reality with the outside world.  It is concerned with relationships of all kinds.  Balancing the energies of the heart chakra can quickly restore life-energy throughout the body, creating a sense of calm and confidence for positive changes.  It also helps unblock restrictions (perhaps just in your mind) which deplete our immune system.  Balancing of the heart chakra results in expression of love.

It is so easy to wear a green colour crystal as a pendant.  Using a necklace that hangs the pendant to the heart level so that the crystal will be in constant touch with your skin.  This is going to heal your chakra balance without conscious effort.  Any green colour crystals will do, such as Jade that I mentioned earlier.  Here I recommend Amazonite.

Amazonite calms and balances the emotions and helps with throat and lung issues.

Your Third Eye Chakra

Our third eye chakra is located below the centre of the forehead, just above and between the eye brows.  It is sometimes called the brow chakra.  This chakra is often referred to as our third eye, the eye that see within, versus our 2 eyes that see the outer world.

The third eye is the centre of our imagination, it sees hidden patterns and holds the seat of knowledge.  It is no accident that when we think hard we often press this point to make our focus deeper.

Healing at this chakra can benefit many conditions linked to headaches, nightmares, stress and depression.  The eyes, nose and ears can also gain from treatment here, with eye strains, clogged sinuses and earache being eased.

How to heal this chakra?  Easy!  One simple way is to apply an indigo colour crystal to the third eye. Hold the crystal with one hand and gently press onto the chakra for a minute.  You can do this in a seated position, almost immediately you will begin to feel calm and your stress released.  Your mind will be re-energised to receive and process new information.

Indigo or midnight blue is the colour of the third eye chakra (amethyst is a good alternative), and among the stones I have found Lapis Lazuli works best.  They are not expensive.  I normally buy them on line.  If you live in the US you can purchase from here.  If you live in the UK you can purchase from here (type ‘lapis lazuli’ in the search box on the upper right side of the home page). They also deliver to the rest of the World.  My preference is the UK site but I found both of them professional and trust worthy.

About Lapis Lazuli

The ancient Egyptians believed that Lapis represents the power of Gods. What is below is a reflection of what is above, carrying the same powers and sharing the same energetic signature. Lapis’s high electrical conductivity channels the pureness of being, transmutes mental and emotional blockages.  It can set your soul free to express itself fully.

Moonstone Your Emotion Healing Crystal

Fine crystals of nearly transparent moonstone are commonly found throughout the Mont Blanc mountain range.  In fact another name for moonstone is adularia, derived from Mount Adula in Switzerland where they are often found.  The most important source is Sri Lanka.  However it is in India that moonstone has the longest history.  Indian women in particular have long held the stone in high esteem.

Moonstone is one of the best stones for bringing emotional calm and stability, as it has the ability to quickly release tensions created by emotional stress.  This stress often affects stomach and digestive system, carrying a moonstone can relieve stomachaches and headaches if their source is emotional.  Menstrual cramps and other blocks of the female reproductive organs can be eased.

Moonstone has a very feminine energy.  In divination, it can represent an important female in the querent’s life.  It can also stand for the feminine qualities of emphathy, listening and intuition.  Because the moon controls our life cycle, moonstone in a reading indicates that the querent needs to aware of a natural cycle of growth to all things.  There is no point to rush – everything happens in its own time.

I used water-sun method to cleanse the newly bought moonstones for my girl friends.  I deliberately left the crystals under the moonlight to absorb the moon energy.  At the time of consecration the moon was in her last quarter phase which was apt for reaffirming my vision that the crystals with bring their highest good to my friends who carry them.  I hope I will see you in the next couple of weeks so I can give you one of those little precious thing.  

Chemical formula: potassium aluminium silicate

Crystal system: monoclinic

Hardness: 6-6.5

Lustre: vitreous

Colour: pearly white, cream, yellow, blue, sometimes with cat’s eye or rainbows


Crystal Talisman

My delivery arrived just in time!  I bought some crystals for the first time from, it was a US online store recommended by my crystal healing teacher for their quality and stock availablity.  Indeed they were good!  I bought them so that I could catch the auspicious timing to create crystal talisman pouches for my loved ones.  I made just about 10 pouches and would have loved to create more – this has to wait till the next auspicious celestial event.  


On that day we were blessed with a conjoining of the two benefics, the Venusian goddess of love, beauty and desire, and the expansive Jupiter with his far-reaching wisdom and abundance. In 2015 this conjunction marked the legalisation of same-sex marriage in America. In ancient astrology, fortunate noble marriages that gave birth to good children were amongst the significations of the conjunction of these two planetary deities.  The angles of the chart were fixed to further enhance the strength of the talisman.


I used water-sun-incense method to cleanse the stones.  With my prayer I conjured the planetary powers into the crystals and asked them to serve with their highest good for the person who is going to carry them.  Inside each pouch were 8 high-vibration crystals with different healing properties:


Apatite – dissolves aloofness and negativity.

Aventurine – activates and clears the heart chakra.

Carnelian – stimulates analytical capabilities and precision.

Citrine (smoky) – acquires weath, a ‘merchant’s stone’.

Jasper – helps one to be grounded and stabilizes the aura.

Lapis Lazuli – allows conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of one’s nature.

Sodalite – facilitates companionship, encourages self-esteem.

Tourmaline – provides protection from all dangers on the physical plane.

(Recommended reading: Love is in the Earth by Melody)

I am look forward to sharing these magickal pouches with my dear friends and family members.  A wish is sent with this blog post: may each of you experience the love and abundance of God, that each moment in life will bring you great joy.  Blessings to you all.