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Crystal Talisman

My delivery arrived just in time!  I bought some crystals for the first time from, it was a US online store recommended by my crystal healing teacher for their quality and stock availablity.  Indeed they were good!  I bought them so that I could catch the auspicious timing to create crystal talisman pouches for my loved ones.  I made just about 10 pouches and would have loved to create more – this has to wait till the next auspicious celestial event.  


On that day we were blessed with a conjoining of the two benefics, the Venusian goddess of love, beauty and desire, and the expansive Jupiter with his far-reaching wisdom and abundance. In 2015 this conjunction marked the legalisation of same-sex marriage in America. In ancient astrology, fortunate noble marriages that gave birth to good children were amongst the significations of the conjunction of these two planetary deities.  The angles of the chart were fixed to further enhance the strength of the talisman.


I used water-sun-incense method to cleanse the stones.  With my prayer I conjured the planetary powers into the crystals and asked them to serve with their highest good for the person who is going to carry them.  Inside each pouch were 8 high-vibration crystals with different healing properties:


Apatite – dissolves aloofness and negativity.

Aventurine – activates and clears the heart chakra.

Carnelian – stimulates analytical capabilities and precision.

Citrine (smoky) – acquires weath, a ‘merchant’s stone’.

Jasper – helps one to be grounded and stabilizes the aura.

Lapis Lazuli – allows conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of one’s nature.

Sodalite – facilitates companionship, encourages self-esteem.

Tourmaline – provides protection from all dangers on the physical plane.

(Recommended reading: Love is in the Earth by Melody)

I am look forward to sharing these magickal pouches with my dear friends and family members.  A wish is sent with this blog post: may each of you experience the love and abundance of God, that each moment in life will bring you great joy.  Blessings to you all.

Quarter Final: Manchester United Vs Arsenal 12 March 2011

Prediction: Manchester United will win.

This time I struggled a little to find out who is the bookie’s favourite.  From the web pages Manchester United seem to be more popular, at least I haven’t seen any bookie sites who are in strong favour of Arsenal.

Therefore I give Manchester United as the favourite (Lord 1) and Arsenal as the underdog (Lord 7).

The chart data: 12 Mar 2011 5:15 pm, Manchester, United Kingdom.  Rising 13 Virgo 52.

The testimonies for Manchester United to win:
1. Antiscion of Lord 7 inside House 1.
2. Moon is placed in House 10.

The testimonies for Arsenal to win:

Therefore I predict that Manchester United will win.  Let’s see!