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Free Will and Predestination

I remembered when I was on my first year at the university, I took a course called the introduction to Philosophy.  The first topic was about free will.  I was too young to understand at that time as to why that mattered.  Nearly 20 years later, I am amazed to realise that this fundamental human issue is important.  This is like a deep down issue, something like temperament in the study of astrology, that modern astrologers would ignore.  Yet this is so fundamental.
Our World view is the basis of every discussion.  People living in the Eastern part of the World (as in India, China and other parts of Asia) are very accepting to predestination.  In the past our living conditions are less affluent than the West and we have been taught to accept life circumstances as they are, so that we can live within our social, economical and environmental limits without grudges, and move on with life.  I think this is in our blood – again like temperament which is something at the deep level.  Therefore, people here are generally quite okay in seeing things as fate.  This cultural mechanism has a very important role in stabilising the potential uprisings in society due to hardship.  On the other hand of course, one would think that by calling everything fate, one would not work hard.  And if there is anything wrong, one blames fate rather than taking their own responsibilities.  This is true, this applies to anywhere in the world and probably a bit less here because we know if we do not work hard our living conditions will get worse.  So we tend to work hard while accepting fate.  I believe this is the background where my World view come from.  Of course, with time all these are changing, people here are becoming more affluent and start to have many desires, by example.
I believe in free will.  Is free will predestined?  To men, we act according to our free will, limited only by our living environment.  We can go as far as our environment permits.  Since free will is free, it cannot be predestined.  This is viewed from the angle of men.  To God however, free will of men is of course predestined.  Because of God’s Almighty everything is in His plan.  Just like the movement of planets, there must be rules governing the events in the World, otherwise chaos will be all the time.   Unless, chaos are part of God’s plan – like Saturn, pain and suffering could bring one closer to God.
I made a huge mistake in assuming an astrologer can play God’s role.  My original thinking was: since free will is predestined in the eye of God (not in the eye of men), and astrology is a gift from God, therefore astrology will be able to forecast / predict the free will of men (the kind of free will that men would exercise with all things being equal).  The wrong logic came from the fact that we are not God, so no matter how good an astrologer we cannot predict one’s free will.  Men are made God-like, but we differ fundamentally in our essential qualities.  We can be God-like by prayer and by learning the lessons from the Bible, but we can never be God.  No wonder the church loathes divination, because astrologers think they are God and can tell people what only God can foretell.  Astrologers are not God, we cannot speak on behalf of God.  Astrology according to the tradition is a gift from God, but the essence of this gift is without the ability to predict men’s free will.  The essence, I believe, is with God’s Grace we can forecast the likelihood of how events will unfold.  Yet, God’s Grace and men’s free will can change this.  Astrology is considered by some people as sacred and divine, that it should not be used by everyone.  I agree, as it will be very easy for men to fall into the trap that they think they can be God.
I understand now that all things being equal, one will have potential of X, Y and Z as indicated from a horary or natal chart.  However if one chooses to act against the usual or chooses to go to another direction, it is his own choice and this cannot be predicted because we are not God.  A good reminder is that every time we read the chart it is good to start with a prayer.  This is no difference to any other things in the world, that we should pray for His Grace.  But sometimes we forget to pray on most things.  So by prayer before reading the chart can make us humble once more and set the attitude straight, then when we read the chart to the client we can speak in the love of God.