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Drawing Down The Moon

This is one classic magickal ritual. I love it! On a recent full moon (which came in many names: a harvest moon, a super moon, a blood moon, also the Chinese moon festival) I drew down the moon. It was sacred and serene. All of us can try this on a full moon night, blood moon or not. You can pray to the moon and absorb her healing energy. I encourage you to try this out and feel the experience.

To do this, stand in an open space at night where you can see the moon shines.  Above you the moon is growing brightly.  Gaze at the moon and stand with your feet firmly on the ground.  Raise your arms until they are over your head, but keep your elbows slightly bent.  Just like you are holding a balloon.  Imagine white light streaming from the moon down through to you.  This light is the energy of the Goddess.  Fill yourself with her energy and let it totally join and become one with you.

After you draw down the moon and are filled with the moon’s white light, you can do magick, or you can just enjoy the deep connection that you feel with the Goddess.  Some people get the tingling sensation through their body, others get the feeling of a cool breeze.  Whatever the feelings you encounter, you will find your spiritual batteries recharged.  Afterwards, you will feel cleansed and replenished.  This is one of the many ways for us to stay tune with our mother earth.  I hope you will enjoy this.

Time to celebrate: Mabon!

Goodbye summer, we will see you next year!  With our open arms we welcome Mabon, or the autumn equinox.  On this day (23rd September) the length of the day and night are equal again, the power of the Sun God is growing weaker as he is going into the resting cycle towards the adventure into the unseen. We are readying for winter and it is time to rest.

The second point of balance within the year is reached, in a mirror image of the spring equinox.  At this time the forces of darkness have risen to the equality with the declining light, and will very soon overwhelm it.  During the next 6 months, the hours of darkness will outnumber the hours of daylight. From here on we need to make conscious preparations for the winter by looking beyond ourselves to our relationships with the people around us and the society at large.  Our survival through the dark times may very much depend on this.

Dried leaves remind me of Mabon.  I pick them up on my way to work, and put them down to the earth just before I arrive at the office. Holding them I pray with The Blessing Chant inspired by Scott Cunningham:

May the powers of The One,

the source of all creation;

all-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal:

may the Goddess, the lady of the moon;

and the God, horned hunter of the sun;

may the power of the spirit of the stones,

rulers of the eternal realms;

may the power of the stars above and the earth below,

bless this place, and this time, and I who am with you.

A traditional practice is on that day to take a walk in the park, gather autumn colour leaves and plants to decorate the home.  You can make sachets by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils.  The food of Mabon consists of grains, fruit, beans and corn.  My favourite is chocolate baked alaska, a sumptuous dessert of opposites.  A little indulgence is fine.


Colourful Superfood

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to see the ground aura colour of people around me. I failed like a flat tire. I couldn’t see colours glowing out from people’s body, just like I was trying too hard to see my Arch Angels earlier (now I can sense brightly Arch Angel Michael and my dad watching over me during my yoga sessions, where they always try to uplift me in my asana yoga poses).

The ground aura colour is our expression in this world, as well as a reflection of our health condition. I have learnt to use my crystal pendulum to dowse the aura colour. This method works for me even though it takes more steps to find out the colour.

Seeing our own aura colour or not, our aura can be improved by colourful food intake.  When our aura is healed to its natural size, colour and shape, we feel vibrant, healthy and honest to our true selves.

Red: energy.  Red food includes meat, beets, peppers, grapes and all red-skinned fruit.

Orange: emotions.  Orange food includes oranges, carrots, pumpkins, sweet corn and apricots.

Yellow: intellect.  Yellow food includes butter, egg yolks, grapefruit, melons and yellow-skinned fruits and vegetables.

Green: healing and balance.  Green food includes all green vegetables.

Blue: wisdom.  Blue food includes blueberries and plums.

Indigo: concern for others.  Indigo food includes grapes, plums, blueberries and blackberries.

Violet: spirituality.  Violet food includes aubergines, grapes, blackberries and purple broccoli.

May your life be filled with all vibrant colours of the rainbow.

A Loving Heart Exercise

Do you have any experience that however hard you tried, you cannot love someone?  I will raise my hand in split seconds!  Especially someone comes in with a lot of hate, or with a very sharp tongue that saddens me with or without his knowing.  Compassion is a beautiful thing, and when we can love the ones who we dislike, it is a sign of true spiritual evolution.

It is going to take lots of practice to open our hearts, but we will get there one day.  When that day comes, we will find peace and enlightenment in our soul.  Here is an effective exercise that I learned else where to share with you:

Focus your thoughts on someone you absolutely despise, visualize him in your mind.  Now picture the person reversing in age, going from adult to teenage, from teenage to child, and from child to a small baby.  See yourself holding the baby in your arms, look at him lovingly.  Imagine laying the baby to rest in a crib, carefully covering him with a warm blanket.  End the visualization with a loving feeling in your heart, take a deep breath, and exhale deeply, knowing that you have made progress in your spiritual development into a more compassionate person.

When we are at the best of ourselves, we have a huge chance to attract and produce the greatest love. What can you do right now to reflect more of who you really are?  Let these qualities shine.

Your Four Elements Questionnaire

The following questionnaire will help you find out your elemental preference.  Don’t think too much, and do this very quickly.  There are only 10 easy questions.  Let’s do it.

1. Would you rather:

A. Feel the wind on your face

B. Lie down on the forest floor

C. Stand in the ocean

D. Sit by a camp fire

2. In magical world fantasy I want to be a wizard who masters in:

A. Wand magic like Harry Porter

B. Herb magic like kitchen witch

C. Magical Potion making

D. Candle magic

3. When I am upset, it calms me to:

A. Take slow, deep breaths

B. Go on a nature kike

C, Take a bath or shower

D. Meditate on a candle flame

4.The natural disaster I find most awe-inspiring is:

A. Tornado

B. Earthquake

C. Tsunami

D. Wild fire

5. If I could transform at will into one of these animals, I would choose to be a:

A. Bird

B. Forest-dwelling animal

C. Sea creature

D. Reptile or Salamander

6. If I were to spend an afternoon playing like a little kid, I would probably:

A. Fly a kite

B. Dig in the sand

C. Splash around in a pool

D. Play with sparklers or other small fireworks.

7. When I admire a tree, I most appreciate:

A. The fluttering of the leaves

B. Its firmness

C. Its vitality

D. Its beauty

8. If I had to choose, I would rather be:

A. Caught outside in heavy winds

B. Covered head to toe in mud

C. Outside in a rainstorm

D. In a desert in intense heat

9. If I could travel in style, I would go by:

A. Private jet

B. Limousine

C. Yacht

D. Race car

10. If I won a trip to Bali, I would be most excited about:

A. Parasailing

B. Wandering in the rain forests

C. Enjoying the beach and ocean

D. Exploring the volcanoes

Scoring: mostly A = air, mostly B = earth, mostly C = water, mostly D = fire

Which did you get?  Did you get more than one elemental preference?

Now you may explore the element or elements to find out what kind of activities will nurture your soul (and make the most of your magickal potential).  If it’s water, sit by a stream for a while, take a bath, stand in the rain.  If fire seems to be the one, surround yourself with candles or sit by a camp fire.  If it’s air, take a talk on a windy day,  If it’s earth, plant some flowers or simply lie on bare ground.

This questionnaire has been adapted from Melanie Marquis’ book.