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Gemini, who are you?

Will he be faithful to you?  A typical Gemini is a delightful conversationalist.  He is loaded with witty remarks, and his compliments are masterpieces of warm sincerity.  One day your gemini man may bring you flowers, perfumes, or a couple of books.  You will be overjoyed by his cheerful disposition, clever jokes and he will say ‘I love you’ in one hundred ways like no one else in the world could do.  The next day he may call you and break a date for no reason, and then you start to doubt yourself if you have done anything wrong, or if he was in trouble.  A week later, he will come back to invite you to theatre, art gallery or opera as if nothing has happened.  If you survive that experienced, meaning you schooled yourself to accept his restless and unpredictable spirit, there is a good chance of making it work.

Just remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins, and there are two distinct sides to his changeable personalities.  Any kind of routine can make a typical Gemini feels like a caged bird.  His duality allows him to do two things at once with less effort than it takes most of us do just one thing.  You remember those capable housewives who can iron, feed the baby, talk on the phone, run her Etsy online business all at the same time.  You get the idea.

Loving a Gemini is easy and fun, if you don’t try to get too close.  You just need to give him a lot of space and let him disappear once in a while and wait for him to come back patiently.  You will often read or hear that a Gemini needs two loves at once.  This Gemini duality may cause unfounded anxiety.  A Gemini needs two loves, not necessarily two persons.  Free him to pursue his other interests.  This will show that you truly understand him.

Gemini needs to rest their busy mind with lots of sleep.  Unfortunately since he is so active with his brain, he is prone to insomnia.  Nevertheless, he should try hard to achieve rest, to restore balance of the nervous system and renew their over-active brains.  Essential oil Lavender is a good remedy for Gemini, as it is also ruled by Mercury which gives synergy effect to their mind.  The chemical constituent of esters is relaxing, easy and safe to calm nerves, spasm and pain.

Mercury in Signs

The planet Mercury governs thoughts and communications. His manifestation depends on the Sign and House he is found in our birth chart. The following are positive keywords for Mercury in different Sign:

Mercury in Aries – mentally quick, fresh ideas, retorts are short and concise.

Mercury in Taurus – practical ideas, conservative thinker, slow and deliberate in analyzing things.

Mercury in Gemini – inquisitive, spontaneous and original in thoughts.

Mercury in Cancer – good memory, sensitive to change, cautious in speech and communications.

Mercury in Leo – self-confident in speaking or communicating, generous with knowledge, creative in thoughts.

Mercury in Virgo – a logical mind, methodical in thinking, gathers facts, detail-oriented, discreet in communications, mentally curious.

Mercury in Libra – persuasive communicator, impartial in judgement, clever and artistic in ideas, intellectually detached.

Mercury in Scorpio – a forceful communicator, investigative turn of mind, aggressive in pursuit of knowledge.

Mercury in Sagittarius – a free and independent thinker, straight forward in communications, philosophical and charitable in thought.

Mercury in Capricorn – disciplined in mind, serious in thought, conservative in ideas, a business like communicator, a dependable worker.

Mercury in Aquarius – broadminded, open to new and innovative ideas, non-traditional in thought, scientific frame of mind, cosmopolitan in communications.

Mercury in Pisces – introspective in thoughts, creative and imaginative in ideas, humourous, subtle in communications, psychic awareness.