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The Spiritual Significance of Fire Rooster

Time flies.  I am lucky enough to be living in the part of the World where we celebrate both Western and Chinese new year.  Since Christmas last year my mind and body has been flying, enjoying the bliss of dissonance away from my day job.  Just like I am there and I am not really there.  It has been a good 2 months of trance state.  Chinese New Year to me marks the practical start of the year.  At this time all business is at rest.  Interestingly when Chinese factories cease production the rest of the world seem to just have to wait – like it or not. Let’s all have a short break, it is nutritious for our soul.


Rooster is a very popular spiritual symbol in Chinese culture.  The Rooster Spirit chases away evil spirits.  We assign the Rooster as a sign of the five important social and relationship virtues –  courage, kindness, responsibility, loyalty and confidence.

Roosters are the timekeepers of our world.  The dependability of Rooster at dawn gives the additional meaning of punctuality and constancy.  It is said that self-empowerment begins with the first brave step into the dawning of a new day.  At dawn, the awakening Rooster gives us hope, alertness and freshness for the day.


Goodbye 2016.  The past is the past.  It doesn’t matter anymore.  May the year of the Fire Rooster bring you the radiant presence of the Divine.   Wish you a prosperous, peaceful and happy 2017!


Virgo, who are you?

Party places are not the best hunting grounds when you are searching for these perfectionists.  You are more likely to find them working late at the office than being flamboyant at a cocktail gathering.  Virgos are pragmatic, they are too busy to day dream and not easy for them to relax in the crowd.

The Virgo is normally small in physique, yet he has far more strength than his fragile appearance.  He can stand more intense work over a longer period of time than the norm.  Care he needs for fear of nervous breakdown .  Worries come naturally to him, though he will cover them with his delightful smile. Virgo eyes are very clear, as if you can see your reflection in them.  They sparkle with clarity and intelligence of thoughts.

They are fastidious and exacting in eating, working, grooming and romance.  They have precise ideas about health, little patience with laziness and very few illusions about life and people even when they are in love.  When they are annoyed by carelessness, they can suddenly become cranky, irritable and nervous.  They are intolerant to mistakes, especially those made by themselves.  Their life lesson is to learn to be forgiving to the self. 

I have a Virgo friend her home has the most comprehensive medical chest I have ever seen.  When you have a headache, your Virgo friend is the one most likely to run to the chemist for you.  He will never take a drug unless he is familiar with each ingredient and how it works, so he will be an expert at telling you which remedy will be best for your headache, depending on what caused it.

It is hard to understand why Virgoans are sometimes called selfish, since they usually find more satisfaction in serving others than in satisfying their personal ambition.  Truth is they are prudent in spending money, and you will never find them throwing money away carelessly because waste is one of their no-go land.  However, they will make charming gestures to those who really deserve it, or to people they really like or love.

If you have one or two Virgo friends in life, you are one of the very blessed.

Cancer, who are you?

I love to stay home.  This is what my love said to me every time when I ask what he likes to do in the evening.  I mean every time.  He is not the nerdy sort, just someone with a Cancer ascendant and a Cancer moon (double whammy) in his birth chart.  My mum too, she has heavy Cancer elements in her chart.  So I have two most important person of my life very protective, and possessive.  There is nothing shallow or superficial about the feelings of a Cancer person. When she owns a man, or a tea cup, it is hers forever. But they are never jealous.  They just want the best of me as family members are of prime importance to them.

People born under the sign of the crab aren’t necessarily stingy, but they have this little habit of saving things.  You could say it is a compulsion. They will seldom throw away things, their husbands inclusive.  Who are you to say they won’t find a purpose for those used old bottles, ticket stubs and broken Christmas ornaments?  Everything has a sentimental value, including cancelled cheques in 1985 and their old boy scout badges. They treasure the things they own and guard them like a crab.  That, of course, include you.

With your lover born under the Cancer sign, when things don’t go her way, she may shed a few quiet tears alone, but her normal reaction will be to wait patiently for things to right themselves.  Patience is one of her loveliest virtues.  When she is depressed, you have to take her out and try to catch her before she dwell herself too deep.  She loves to be close by the sea, and go for a walk in the moonlight. This will lift her worries away.

I once knew a Cancerian mum who told me she would let her little son ran around the park to get his steam off after school.  Then her son would say to her, ‘Let’s go home mum.  I am hungry.’  This sums up a Cancerian’s power of love.  It is her strange brand of possessiveness that is unshakable, but never aggressive.  She knows, in her secret heart, that no matter how far you go to follow your dream, you will always come back again and she will be patiently waiting. Her kitchen will smell deliciously of warm spices, she will fill your stomach.  When things go badly she will give you her moon magic to gently smooth away your worries with her sensible advice.  

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Cancer on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Cancer (3) Sun in Cancer (4) 3 or more planets in Cancer, or a mixture of the above.


Gemini, who are you?

Will he be faithful to you?  A typical Gemini is a delightful conversationalist.  He is loaded with witty remarks, and his compliments are masterpieces of warm sincerity.  One day your gemini man may bring you flowers, perfumes, or a couple of books.  You will be overjoyed by his cheerful disposition, clever jokes and he will say ‘I love you’ in one hundred ways like no one else in the world could do.  The next day he may call you and break a date for no reason, and then you start to doubt yourself if you have done anything wrong, or if he was in trouble.  A week later, he will come back to invite you to theatre, art gallery or opera as if nothing has happened.  If you survive that experienced, meaning you schooled yourself to accept his restless and unpredictable spirit, there is a good chance of making it work.

Just remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins, and there are two distinct sides to his changeable personalities.  Any kind of routine can make a typical Gemini feels like a caged bird.  His duality allows him to do two things at once with less effort than it takes most of us do just one thing.  You remember those capable housewives who can iron, feed the baby, talk on the phone, run her Etsy online business all at the same time.  You get the idea.

Loving a Gemini is easy and fun, if you don’t try to get too close.  You just need to give him a lot of space and let him disappear once in a while and wait for him to come back patiently.  You will often read or hear that a Gemini needs two loves at once.  This Gemini duality may cause unfounded anxiety.  A Gemini needs two loves, not necessarily two persons.  Free him to pursue his other interests.  This will show that you truly understand him.

Gemini needs to rest their busy mind with lots of sleep.  Unfortunately since he is so active with his brain, he is prone to insomnia.  Nevertheless, he should try hard to achieve rest, to restore balance of the nervous system and renew their over-active brains.  Essential oil Lavender is a good remedy for Gemini, as it is also ruled by Mercury which gives synergy effect to their mind.  The chemical constituent of esters is relaxing, easy and safe to calm nerves, spasm and pain.

Aries, who are you?

Aries initiates.  An Aries boss appreciates employees who are original in their thinking – as long as they make it perfectly clear that they have no intention to outshine him.  If you hear rumour of your company that it is about to go under, don’t look around too quickly for another job.  You may not need a new job after all, just look for your Aries boss.  If anybody can pull the company out of trouble, save it at the last minute of financial disaster, it is him.  He is adventurous, daring and courageous.  His drive is vital, passionate and strong.  Good luck that you will find him.

This Mars executive is too proud to let others know they have hurt him.  In spite of his quick temper and often occasional shouting, he hides quite well things that truly affect him deeply.  The ram won’t admit his dependence on anyone but himself.   He needs others far more than he would admit, taking every single decisions relying on his internal strengths until there are no more to draw.  After all, will power is the signature of Aries.  For example, he can delay or prevent disease just by his strong positive thinking.  He may have a cold, but he will get dressed back to the office as if nothing happened.  By the time he starts working his cold will be gone, to the mystery of all the doctors.

You are bound to feel the effect of such a forceful personality, so expect plenty of excitement, chaos, fireworks and intense activities around the office.  You will never have an uneventful business day as something will always be happening.  Remind him gently that those to whom he directs his anger may be some very important people, so keep him from saying harsh things that he will regret later.

Remember that despite the idealistic and optimistic enthusiam which gets over his head, he really needs your faith, loyalty and help.  Give these to him in abundance and you will find your way to a generous pay raise.

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Aries on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Aries (3) Mars in Aries (4) Sun in Aries (5) 3 or more planets in Aries, or a mixture of the above.