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On the Magical Qualities of Number Nine

The essential nature of number nine is humanitarian.  Nine indicates that we have come a long way on our path.  We may have paid what we feel a high price in order to get here, hence we need to protect what we have created.  It can also feel like a completion, yet really it is a moment just before we have finished our journey.

In the Tarot, number nine is represented by the card Hermit.  He is a seeker of knowledge from inside, often he asks himself some very powerful questions in order to find out meanings of the world and his place within it.  It is a time to set out on a quest for self-discovery that will define his role going forward.  The Hermit seeks solitude.

Through service to all cultures and races of people, you find your own identity and place in the Creator’s plan.  Even though you cannot control outer circumstances, you can see the best in people.  Attitude of forgiveness and compassion bring out the best in you.  Your altruistic ways open many doors. 

On the Magical Qualities of Number Eight

Guess which is the favourite number for businessmen and entrepreneurs?  Most of the time it will be the number eight.  August, the 8th month of the year, overlaps with the zodiac Sun sign Leo that focus the universal energy on success, strength and leadership.

Eights are an indicator of activities and great progress in our lives.  They foretell us that success through concentrated effort is possible as long as we have a positive attitude.  Like the secret of the law of attraction, optimistic hopes for ourselves are rewarded with the success we want.  Just hang on towards the bright side.

In tarot reading, several eights in a spread will reflect lots of activities going on in our lives.  The EIght of Fire for example indicates stressful situation that stimulate growth, speedy actions and travel activities.  THe Eight of Water shows the determination to move on to seek a better life than now.

Number eight is a power tone.  Themes of authority, control, position and management are strong.  At this time the will power is extremely forceful.

On the Magical Qualities of Number Seven

The specific sevens in a tarot reading can give us an understanding of whether the client is moving along a path of happiness, or standing still in procrastination.  For example the Seven of Water may indicate uncertainty in choosing our next steps; the Seven of Fire may reflect a renewed determination to stay on the course.  If there are multiple sevens in a reading, it could mean a pause in action is advised, as we shall make choices regarding what we want to do next.

Sevens bring along with them a lot of soul searching.  In evaluating our progress, we may find ourselves lacking, and it can be easy for us to be unkind to ourselves when we are not self-forgiving.  There can be a longing for more out of life.  Sevens indicate patience, review and introspection.  We wish to fully understand the truth of our situation and to gain clarity regarding our spiritual development.

Hence this is time for study, research, investigation through quiet observation and inner reflection.  By doing so we hope we can deepen our attunement to the Infinite and gain self-understanding on the meaning of life. 

On the Magical Qualities of Number Six

Sixes bring about harmony.  After the changes of the Fives, we are ready for a break.  This can range from celebration due to a job well done, like the Tarot six of wands; to just plain relief over finishing a new challenge, like the six of Sword.  Sixes indicate the resolution of past challenges that may bring about joy and blissfulness.  

Often they generate a desire to reflect upon the past.  Objectivity is important when looking backward so that we neither romanticise how things used to be, nor see them worse than they were.  A lot of 6s in a tarot reading should bring a smile to a querent’ face.

People with a strong influence of six have many friends and acquaintances.  They help others in kind and caring ways.  They are very much connected to their home and family, which nourish them.  If they feel good about themselves, they can make others feel good.  Their caring and kindness can do much to add to the well-being of people, animals, nature and society.

On the Magical Properties of Number Five

This is the number of changes.  It lacks stability and requires constant movement, reshuffle, and finding of the right partners to join force.  It cannot stand still or remain unmoved.  The number reminds me of the transition from old to new economies, that all traditional businesses are now slowing down whereas the new ones like Uber or Airbnb are appearing from nowhere yet growing at a speed that all our ancestors can never imagine.  Here comes the force of change.

A person with a dominant 5 in his life numbers may experience many changes in life.  Outer conditions demand that he become flexible and adaptable.  He needs to move his body and feel life through his senses.  He may experience much excitement in his life: using variety to overcome irritability.

People who is undergoing their life cycle of 5 will enjoy variety, newness and sensation.  Much of his life will be living in motion, and he will want freedom to explore and experience new adventures.  Travelling is a key theme.  He will do best with wide open space and room to move.  Be ready for sudden changes that bring tension and excitement at the same time.

Fives are often challenges that bring about opportunities.  With 5s we learn to adapt – we spread free our wings and break free of circumstances that no longer feel right to us.  Often there is resistance to change as we don’t like uncertainty, however do know that this is a forward momentum from heaven that is meant for our greater good.  Once we overcome the uncomfortable feeling of change, we often find that we are glad we went through it.