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Saturn and Pluto Squares, Scorpio New Moon

This month I have had very little time to update my blog. Apparently the Saturn and Pluto square started to take effect. Saturn in Libra tests our relationships and ideals, and makes us face the truth about what is working and what is not. With Saturn squaring the transformative Pluto, many of us are ending relationships, losing jobs or otherwise having to restructure. To me personally I experienced a lot of hard work in career (I had my natal Saturn sitting right on MC, squaring Pluto on my ASC) which brought up a lot of profound thoughts on where to move forward. I also experienced a sense of power which came along as a result of discipline and serious attitude with work.

Coming back to the general Saturn-Pluto square effect, losing something or failing to get what you want are merely road signs that say ‘wrong way’. Sometimes the Universe saying No to your plans can actually bring out the best of you.

New Moon in Scorpio begins from 17 November, 3:13am HK time (GMT+8). The first few days following the New Moon is the best time to start any new projects. Scorpio is about transformation and intense emotions. Putting together it is about time to begin something that will transform your world intensely and deeply.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – it’s an appropriate saying for the Scorpio season. At this New Moon, its time to bury whatever has died and compost your grief, to make way for new wealth and wisdom. It’s a welcome light to the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, drink a toast at the Scorpio New Moon to all you have learned, the precious things which still abide, and your ability to rise from the ashes, transformed.