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Mid-Year 2015 Reflection

Time flies indeed!  We are half way through 2015.  How did you spend your time?  Have you been making the most of it, feeling adventurous and energised?  What happened to your new year resolutions?  The good thing is we are only half way through and there are 6 more months to catch our dreams before getting ourselves strong and fit for 2016.

I had a reflection this morning, thinking of my year card of 2015.  The year card represents the energy and mundane events recurring in the year.  It is also a lesson card encouraging us to learn in this time of our life journey.  The card for me is card number 11 Justice.

The black and white cats in the image reminds me that goodness and badness are intertwined.  Their tails are tied together, they live as one loving pair and do not go separate.  Whereas in the white, you see some black, in the black you find some white.  There is always goodness in difficult situations, and in the good times there are also occasional rainny and stormy days.  In my day job there have been non-stop challenges and it took me lots of courage to be patient and hang on to the opportunities of each one.  Sometimes even I am amazed by how positive I can be, and this positive attitude is precisely the magic that helps me weather through the storms.  I am grateful that I am strong and happy thus far.  Walking joyfully one step at a time.  In love I have not been seeing my partner so much this year, as he has his baggage to carry.  We treasure our time even more because of this.

Here is how to calculate your personal year card:

Add the date and month of your birth to the current year:

Example: 22 Aug 2015 = 22 + 8 + 2015 = 2045 = 11 (Justice)

In determining the year card, you always keep the highest number under 23 (remember 22 = The Fool).  The resulting number corresponds with the major arcana year card.  You may refer to my previous posts on tarot cards, expert tarot readers such as Biddy Tarot or Benebell Wen for the card meanings.  You may also email me your number and I will let you know what it says.

May the rest of 2015 brings you joy and love.

Sunny Days, Rainny Days

Last Saturday I had my Japanese proficiency exam taken. When I started working on the exam paper, I had a sudden panic, like a heart attack. The exam appeared very difficult to me and for so many years I had not had such feeling of unpreparedness. Prior to the day I checked my transits, and already I saw transiting Mercury was opposing my natal Saturn (oh bugger!). I had told myself to make use of the planetary energies to think carefully, and not to jump into conclusion quickly. That was the positive aspects of the energy I could make use of. Sadly I could not run away from the negative side of the energy, that gave me lots of limitations and a temporary slow down of my mental process.

The next day I learned some breaking news about work, which broke my heart. And then I checked the ephemeris again I had transiting Mercury squaring my natal Venus on that day. The corresponding effect was information and thoughts that stressed out my emotions and loving feelings.

Good thing about those transits was they only last for a day or two. Phew! Also people tended to just notice the difficult transits, and forgot about the good times when nice transits happened to them.

In my practice I help clients to do predictions for a 12-month period. Often I would look at their transits (the actual planetary positions in the sky at real time of the year), progressions (a method counting a day as a year from the date of birth), firdaria (medieval predictive technique) and sometimes also profection (medieval predictive technique) when I had time for thorough preparation. There was just so much information, more than any clients could absorb in a 90-minute session.