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Quarter Final: Manchester United Vs Arsenal 12 March 2011

Prediction: Manchester United will win.

This time I struggled a little to find out who is the bookie’s favourite.  From the web pages Manchester United seem to be more popular, at least I haven’t seen any bookie sites who are in strong favour of Arsenal.

Therefore I give Manchester United as the favourite (Lord 1) and Arsenal as the underdog (Lord 7).

The chart data: 12 Mar 2011 5:15 pm, Manchester, United Kingdom.  Rising 13 Virgo 52.

The testimonies for Manchester United to win:
1. Antiscion of Lord 7 inside House 1.
2. Moon is placed in House 10.

The testimonies for Arsenal to win:

Therefore I predict that Manchester United will win.  Let’s see!

Barclays Premier League Blackpool vs Chelsea 7 Mar 2011

People who know me will be able to say that I have no interest in football at all.  However I want to practice my skills in predicting which side will win in public matches.  I have picked the above game to exercise my astrological muscles.

Honestly I am useless in identifying the players or understanding which side has more fans than the others. I checked some bookies website and found that most people are in favour of Chelsea.  Today is 6 Mar 2011 that I am writing this note, so a day before the game will start.

I am using traditional astrology to analyse the event chart.  Event chart is in the lowest level of the astrological food chain.  There is a hierarchy in astrological method.  The higher the level, the more ponderous are the techniques that are appropriate for it.

I set an event chart at the time and place the game will kick-off.  At 8:00pm GMT, 7 Mar 2011, Blackpool, England.  8 Libra rising.

Chelsea are the favourites so they are represented by Lord 1 Venus and L10 the Moon for public success.  We need the Moon for the flow of events so we need to use the Moon’s dispositor as Lord 10.  The Moon’s dispositor is Mars, which is Lord 7 representing the underdogs Blackpool.  So we will live without L10 in this chart.  Lord 4 Saturn is the public success of Blackpool.

The testimonies for Chelsea to win are:
1. Moon sextile the antiscion of Fortuna.  No further aspects of the Moon need to be checked beyond that.
2. Lord 4 Saturn, its antiscion is combust the Sun which is destructive to Blackpool’s public success.
3. Lord 4 Saturn, its placed inside house 1, therefore Blackpool is under the control of Chelsea.

The testimony for Blackpool to win is:
1. Moon is placed inside house 7, as if the cosmos is cheering for it.

There are more testimonies for Chelsea to win than for Blackpool to win.  Therefore I judge that Chelsea will be winning this game.

Let’s check the result on tomorrow!