Occasionally I offer the following consultations for friends and charity works.  The fees I received are in form of donation to designated local charity organisations. At the moment most of the consultations are in-person, or via FaceTime.  For enquiries please email me at


The premise of natal astrology is that the nature of a person’s life is reflected in the alignment of the planets at the moment of his or her birth. Our lives are largely written out ahead of time. The primary purpose of this form of astrology is to study an individual’s fate.

The main tool that is used in this process is a diagram which represents the positions of the planets at the moment of the individual’s birth, commonly known as a “birth chart” or “natal chart.”

In my approach the objective to delineate a birth chart is to gain a better understanding of the life direction of the native, his strengths and weaknesses, and the time periods that are likely to be more fruitful or problematic for certain types of activity throughout the course of his life.

This information enables a person to have a more complete understanding of the inner workings of his life, and therefore to engage life with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Information I Need From You

I need the following information in order to calculate your natal chart:

  1. Your birth date – day, month and year (e.g. 4 June, 1976).
  2. Location of birth – i.e. the city, state and/or country.
  3. The exact time that you were born – The exact time of birth is extremely important when calculating and interpreting a natal chart, so this must be as close to exact as possible if you wish to receive an accurate reading. Preferably the time should be derived from your birth certificate. Please let me know the source of your birth time and how accurate you think that it is when you schedule the consultation. If you are not certain about your birth time then I will not perform this form of consultation. Incorrect calculation will do you more harm than good.

Additionally, when you first contact me please let me know what topics you would like to focus on in the consultation, then I can use the appropriate techniques when preparing for the consultation.


Electional astrology is a branch of astrology that is used in order to determine auspicious times to begin a new venture. The premise is that the nature and future of anything that is born at a specific moment in time is reflected in the alignment of the planets at the moment that it begins.

Examples include the best time for a wedding ceremony, the best time to open a new shop and the best time to move into a new house.

During the process of finding an electional chart I usually come up with several auspicious dates, and I will rank them in terms of which dates are more auspicious than others. This will provide you with a few dates to choose from, given the time constraints.

Information I Need From You

If you would like to employ my service to elect a chart for you then please send me an email with the following information:

  1. A description of the venture or undertaking that you wish to begin, as well as its significance to you.
  2. The location of the event (i.e. city, state and country).
  3. The time frame that I have to work within when looking for a suitable date. For example, 1 December through 10 December. Usually the wider the time frame I have to work within, the better.
  4. The days of the week available (i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Friday), or if there are any restrictions on which days of the week can be used.
  5. The times during the day that are available for you to start the venture. Some types of elections are restricted to normal business hours during the day (e.g. 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM), while others can be done anytime during a 24-hour period. This needs to be specified since sometimes the best election on a given day might occur at 2:00 in the morning.


C1. Concise Three Card Tarot Reading

Do you have a specific question that you want a quick, concise answer to? A concise tarot reading uses three cards that will offer a snapshot of the most pertinent concerns and energies surrounding a specific situation.

C2. Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Whether you have a specific question or you want a general reading, the traditional Celtic Cross is a tried and true method in tarot divination. The Celtic Cross is said to date back to the 19th century when esoteric tarot began to take form. 

C3. General Life Path Reading

These readings are great for birthdays, New Year’s, and other major holidays when you are thinking about your life path, where you have been, where you are going, and what might be up ahead. You can tailor these readings for a fixed period of time, such as the coming month, the coming year, or the coming five years. General life path readings offer an overview snapshot that can help you see what you might not be seeing about yourself and to help you make important adjustments to your life path so you can head in the direction of your desired future.

C4. In-Depth Specific Question Reading

Do you have one specific question that requires an in-depth reading? For example, if you have been feeling stagnation in your career path and wish to consult the tarot for a spiritual roadmap to guide your way toward professional advancement, then an in-depth specific question reading would reveal to you what you most need to know. If you have not been experiencing the best of luck in love and matters of the heart and want to know why, an in-depth specific question reading can help you to reposition yourself for better romantic opportunities. A tarot spread consisting of 8 and 12 cards will be selected and customized specifically to you and your question.

C5. Oracle Card Reading

Sometimes a tarot reading will highlight an obstacle, tension, conflict, or area that needs improvement and after the reading, you may want additional clarification on that specific point as a follow-up to the main reading you received. A supplemental oracle card reading can offer the affirmations, insights, and additional information you need to clarify that point. A deck, either tarot or oracle, will be selected intuitively to best suit the follow-up inquiry. 

C6. Tarot Reading Events

I am available for reading at corporate events or parties.

Disclosure Statement: A divinatory professional cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on a divinatory reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. In certain jurisdictions, a divinatory professional is required to disclose to you that divinatory readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof.