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My Signature Scent

Last year when I travelled to India my friend’s wife bought me a bottle of infused attar that I loved so much and used it till the last drop.  Contained inside was so much love of course, and also the essential oil of Champaka (Michelia champaca).  Since then I was entranced by her scent.  My little secret – I always carry a bottle of Champaka EO inside my bag.  It is undiluted hence very powerful and strong.  Whenever I feel not myself, upset and the like, I will apply one drop neat which is enough for the wrists, temples, 3rd eye and heart chakra.  As an aromatherapist I do not advise neat application of any essential oils onto our skin, except a limited few and on special circumstances.  I use Champaka 1 drop neat for energy raising, and also as a stimulating perfume.

Another secret.  All my aromatherapy products have a hint of Champaka.  I put 1 drop of Champaka to 100 ml of my carrier oil as a product base.  When I use the carrier oil to make beauty products, ointments or for therapeutic massage, there is always a very subtle scent of Champaka.  This is my signature scent.  Unless you live in India, good Champaka oil is hard to find.  It is not inexpensive but a 5 ml bottle can last for a very long time use.  If you are living in Hong Kong you can find excellent grade Champaka here.

Champaka is of the same plant family as Magnolia, the botanical name is Magnoliaceae. The scent is intense floral, it is a middle-to-light yellow-reddish oil.  Good qualities one come from steam distillation of blooms.  The main growing areas are India and part of Southern Asia.  Champaka is aphrodisiac, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, wound healing, calming and febrifuge.

The sweet floral fragrance has calming effect to the nerves, at the same time able to restore our energy and increase our confidence.  Ruled by the Sun and Venus, it is valuable remedy for depression, anxiety, stress and grief-related disorders.  If someone has sexual difficulties, particularly frigidity and impotence, massage it (after proper dilution of 2%) onto lower abdomen, sacral and base chakras.  Or put a few diluted drops and run a bath.  It is good for all skin types and particularly good for mature, dry and sensitive skin.  Champaka is regenerative in nature and can help heal wounds, scars and stretch marks.  I use it for meditation and otherwise as a parfum.  You can also blend Champaka in your face moisturiser.  I have been gifting them to friends lately and they all love it.  Here is a formula for a 100ml bottle.  You will be making a little extra and with that amount you can split them into 3 smaller jars if you wish.  Enjoy!

The Light Eaters

I wonder if you sometimes share the same experience as me?  Someone came to visit me for an astrological consultation last week, we had a good long discussion about her issues.  After she left, I felt my energy was drained completely.  It took me an hour of yoga, a box of blueberries and some pineapple slices (l love them, my energy food), and a documentary DVD (about German Art, very boring, but was excellent for mind rest) to recover.

We all have one of those friends.  This kind of friends are who I called the eaters of light.  They will say to you, ‘I feel so good when I talk with you.’  They are harmless, they just need the light that they can’t produce for themselves which is why they eat your light, leaving you temporarily exhausted.

Then there are people who you really don’t want to have around.  Again they could be harmless, but there might be a clash of personalities. Or he or she could be someone you’ve just never particularly liked. Like it or not, these encounters will inflict negative energy upon us and it is necessary to find ways to protect ourselves.  Remember we do have the right to defend ourselves, but not to accuse someone unjustly.

The best remedy is to stay positive at all times.  Think joy and happiness.  You have the goodness of the universe on your side, and it will not let any injustice into your sacred self.  Protect yourself while continue to give love and light to people around you.  This is good for our spiritual and personal growth.

A little defense magic could be fun here!  So long as your heart is pure, you are not inflicting physical or emotional harm against innocent souls.  Positive thoughts create loving, healing energies. Here are 2 of my crafts I learned elsewhere that you may try:

Angry Boss No More

Sweeten up your boss by writing his or her name on a piece of paper and then pour honey all over it.  Leave the paper alone for a few days and you will see the change take place.  Repeat again whenever needed.

Absorb It

Before you leave your office, leave a glass of water where your colleagues get together to sit down, meet and discuss.  Or leave it by your desk next to your computer or telephone.  In the next morning when you arrive at the office, take the glass and throw its content down to the pantry sink.  All the negative energies from the day before will be absorbed into the water and will be gone.

So mote it be!

Beltane Tea for One?

So what to do if you are on your own during this festive Sabbat?  The answer is: a lot!  Here are my ideas for you to try out.  They are magical!

I mentioned about giving prayer to your God or Goddess on my last post.  On 1st May (which luckily is bank holiday in my part of the world), celebrate Beltane near a living tree.  A central park will be good.  You pick a tree which attracts to you, doesn’t matter how it looks like.  Then touch it and feel the earth energy from it.  The tree is connected to the mother earth which he can draw from her life energy in abundance.  You will feel the energy via the tree.  While touching the tree, say the following Blessing Chant.  This comes from my book of shadow (a magical journal with grimoire and spells) through my studies, you can make your own version and in your own language.  The universe understands.

The Blessing Chant

may the powers of The One

the source of all creation

all-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal

may the Goddess, the lady of the moon

and the God, horned hunter of the sun

may the powers of the spirits of the stones

rulers of the elemental realms

may the powers of the stars above and the earth below

bless this place, and this time, and I who am with you

Then you hold your wand up-raised, and say the following prayer.  Oh!  I hear you say where on earth do I find my wand?  Don’t worry, you can pick up a tree branch off from the floor as your wand.  It is just a tool to help you direct your energy.  Mine was bought from a Harry Potter gift store, one that used by Hermione Granger.  I am in love with it!

A Beltane Prayer

O Mother Goddess, queen of the night and of the earth;

O Father God, king of the day and of the forests,

I celebrate your union as nature rejoices in a vivid blaze of colour and life.

From your mating shall spring forth life anew;

Abundance of living creatures shall cover the lands,

And the winds will blow pure and sweet.

O ancient ones, I celebrate with you!

Then make an intent on what you desire to grow in love and abundance, and harm none!

Weaving and plaiting are traditional arts at this time of year, for the joining together of two substances to form a third is in the spirit of Beltane.  How about some food to celebrate?  Food traditionally comes from the dairy, my favourites are custard and vanilla ice cream.  Enjoy!

Beltane: Time to Celebrate!

Spring is here!  For many of us this means a relief from the dark cold days of winter.  The greening of the earth is now apparent everywhere.  This time of the year is often associated with fiery passion.

Beltane (1st May) is one of the days of power in pre-Christian folk religions of Europe.  It is a time to celebrate the fertility of the land as spring returns.  Beltane is one of the four major Sabbats (religious observance), the other three being Lammas, Samhain and Imbolc. Beltane’s traditional date was chosen as the mid-point between the vernal equinox and summer solstice (two of the four minor Sabbats). Due to the change in the earth’s axis of rotation over time, this point is now closer to 5th May, but the traditional date is still favoured.

Why should we celebrate?  First of all, it is nice to have something to celebrate, as a constant reminder that we shall live in joy everyday.  It is a time when we can raise energy to effect the needed change, with focus on fertility and growth.  These days, a celebration of fertility does not necessarily mean your goal is human reproduction. Perhaps you have a garden that you would like to grow well this season?  If you have a private enough yard (and a lover), making love in the garden is a way of honouring and insuring the fertility of the seeds you have planted.  Or maybe there are projects you would like to complete, goals you need to reach for, dreams you would like come true…all of these things can benefit from the Beltane celebration of growth and fertility.

You don’t have to be a witch or wizard in order to celebrate Beltane. In fact, you may have already been a part of a Beltane celebration if you’ve ever attended a May Day party. Throwing your own Beltane or May Day party is a great way to celebrate the coming spring.  Make a wreath of flowers or fragrant herbs (rosemary is a nice smelling one that tends to grow in abundance) for someone you would like to know better. Or you can simply say a prayer during this special day of power to ask your God or Goddess to assist you to grant your request.  Many blessings to you.