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On the Magical Qualities of Number Eight

Guess which is the favourite number for businessmen and entrepreneurs?  Most of the time it will be the number eight.  August, the 8th month of the year, overlaps with the zodiac Sun sign Leo that focus the universal energy on success, strength and leadership.

Eights are an indicator of activities and great progress in our lives.  They foretell us that success through concentrated effort is possible as long as we have a positive attitude.  Like the secret of the law of attraction, optimistic hopes for ourselves are rewarded with the success we want.  Just hang on towards the bright side.

In tarot reading, several eights in a spread will reflect lots of activities going on in our lives.  The EIght of Fire for example indicates stressful situation that stimulate growth, speedy actions and travel activities.  THe Eight of Water shows the determination to move on to seek a better life than now.

Number eight is a power tone.  Themes of authority, control, position and management are strong.  At this time the will power is extremely forceful.

Leo, who are you?

You have been working for a Leo boss for over a year.  Really?  You must be a very good listener.  Now, don’t interrupt me, I am going to tell you all about Leo.

A Leo boss wants his employee to be original, daring, creative and hard working.  But remember he will always be more original, daring, creative and hardworking than you – in his eyes.  Give him all your original ideas, he will love you for it.  However be prepared for the next day as he prepares to execute your idea, with a casual comment that it is the best he ever had, as if it comes from his own mind.  He honestly believes he thought of it first.  Of course you triggered his imagination, which is why you are so valuable to him.  But it was his idea.  Just remember that.

Now he may seem a little ungrateful.  Just like the time when he gives you a pointer and then let you worry about the bothersome trifles like numbers and statistics, and he just leaves for a nice lunch or closes his door and leaves work earlier than anybody else.  Oh by the way, he  is almost sure to have a luxurious office: it may have flowers, soft light, wall arts…and all sorts of draperies.

Then the next day you overheard him singing praises of you to another Vice President of the company.  “That Angela is amazing, I don’t know what I would do without her.” Her Leo boss helped her husband find a new job, paid her mother’s hospital bill, and generously gave in to her request to hire her nephew as a summer intern.  He also never fails to admire her new dress, her anniversaries and birthday, and he is daring to scold her fiancé because he isn’t treating her right.

If you are a man working for a Leo boss, say yes to most of his not-so-smart ideas.  If you must say no, precede it with a huge compliment and close it with another one.  Sandwich in between that kind of appreciation so he might accept it.  Be tactful and proceed carefully.  You will be rewarded with sumptuous praise of a job well done.  He will never be stingy with his complements, and won’t hold back his disapproval neither.

Leos are born to command, with an enviable talent for assigning the right jobs to the right people and seeing that they are finished on time.  Don’t be annoyed if your Leo boss is a bit nosey about your private affairs or give you lectures on how to run your personal life.  It means he likes you enough to want to protect you by giving his wisdom.  Treating him right he will adore you for life.

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Leo on the Ascendant (2) Sun in Leo (3) Moon in Leo (4) 3 or more planets in Leo, or a mixture of the above.


What can we learn from The Emperor

The King is a man of authority.  There is a calling for respect for his power and rulership.  Afterall, he is a man of influence.  When you pick up this card, it is a reminder of our drive for achievement, success, respect and stability.  The associated concepts include: leadership, structure, logic, law and order, a father figure and royalty.

People who have a strong Aquarius emphasis on his chart (for example if you have a mix of Aquarius Sun sign, Aquarius Moon sign, Aquarius in the Ascendant, or many planets in Aquarius) naturally find this card difficult to uptake.  This is because they are usually freedom fighters who find authority and pre-set rules intimidating.    While The Emperor is ruled by Aries, he has a lot of resemblance on Leo qualities.  Leo is in opposition to Aquarius in the zodiac, hence it makes The Emperor card and its energy difficult for the Aquarians.

What shall we learn from him?  The Emperor asks us to grow up, it is time to act responsibly in a structured, stable environment.  In order to achieve success we shall use rational thoughts and direct actions.  This is a card of authority, stability, respect and structure.  For now, these are the keys to move forward.

Fertile or Barren?

Over a cup of tea Lady Anne asked me if she would ever conceive another child again. She and her husband had come to the verge of giving up after exhausting all the modern means. Lady Anne was my long old friend and I felt for her. Quickly I pulled out my magical iPad and fired up her birth chart to find out blessings of God. Thanks to modern technology!  I could still remember all charts had to be done by hand calculation. Now they could be conjured up in a matter of minutes. How wonderful!

Lady Anne was still young and ‘within range’ to conceive a child. If she were in her late 50s I would likely have answered no straight away. I studied her 5th house which ruled children. Her 5th house had Libra on the cusp, hurray!  This was not one of the usual suspect of the barren signs. There were 3 barren signs in the zodiac: Gemini, Leo and Virgo. I would be less optimistic if any of those were on her 5th house cusp. Don’t worry if your Sun sign is any of those and you would like to conceive a child.  The sun sign doesn’t mean anything in this respect. The 5th house ruler Venus was aspected by Mars by opposition. This was an affliction.  However Jupiter the great benefic also formed a nice trine with Venus.  I could safely judge that she was very much fertile.

And then I looked for the timing for it to happen.  My favourite technique came from Hellenistic (Greek) astrology called Profection.  Her natal Ascendant and the Moon would be profected to the 5th house on her next birthday. That was awesome!  I told Lady Anne to hold on her efforts this year until her next birthday. This year her marriage was stressing out because of too much effort, I could see transit Saturn had just moved into her 7th house of marriage.  Saturn gave her marriage a heavy sense of burden and responsibilities. Yet the transit would lose influence in time. There was no reason to lose hope.

When there is a promise marked on the birth chart, it will be realised.  The secret lies in its timing to happen.  May the Forces be with Lady Anne.