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Palmistry: let’s learn together (Part 2)

Give a brief outline of what a mount is.

The mounts are fleshy elevations on the palm.  Hold the palm outstretched at eye level to ascertain which mounts are high or low.  High mounts – the evaluation of the qualities become stronger.  Note the mounts that are most prominent, then combine their meanings.


How many areas is the palm of the hand divided into?

The palm is divided into nine areas.  They are the key to our natural abilities and emotional traits.  Each area is called a mount, which sounds as though there is a point or hump in each section.  This is not the case.  It has been traditionally term to designate the different qualifications of each area.


Name four of these areas and list where they are found.

Mount Jupiter – under the first finger.

Mount Saturn – under the second finger.

Mount Apollo – under the third finger.

Mount Mercury – under the fourth finger.


Give a full interpretation of the following mount areas:

  • Mount of Luna

The mount area of Luna represents imagination, intuition, creative ability, and motivation.  It is a large area so it must be examined carefully to determine the exact location of the apex or precise spot of development.  Luna has varied physical forms.  It can bulge in spots or all over.  It can be thin and almost flat.  There may be few lines or many.  It may have the colour of a lot of blood or a little.  All of these things have a meaning.  When developed towards Upper Mars – the practical dreamer is able to apply imaginative ideas to everyday needs.  If the entire percussion bulges – need for physical activity combined with some creative project.  Near the wrist – sensuality, sometimes just imaginative.  Towards Venus – romantic, emotional.  Towards the Plain of Mars – aggressiveness to further one’s ability.  All of these types are intensified if the mount shows a reddish colour.  A bluish colour – sadness, even melancholia enters the imagination, such as the gloomy poet or composer.  Pale colour – may possess any one of the qualifications for the specific type, but indifference would be evident unless pressure were exerted.

  • Monunt of Upper Mars

This area, located between Mercury and Luna on the percussion side of the palm, represents endurance, bravery, fortitude and resistance.  This is a passive form as opposed to the activity of Lower Mars, but it takes both for balance.  Higher or stronger towards Mercury – nothing can defeat this person in business or profession, very persistent.  Towards the centre of the palm, the Plain of Mars – guard against over aggressiveness.  Towards Luna – take advantage of imaginative inspirational qualities, such as an attorney who can sway a jury by his choice of words.  Towards the percussion – physical reserve.  Overdeveloped – cruelty.  Absent – morbid, always on the defensive.

  • Mount of Jupiter

The mount area of Jupiter normally represents ambition and social prestige.  If the development is closer to the side of the palm, family pride is the chief ambition; closer to the head line, leadership, a desire for authority.  Here, arrogance would have to be subdued.  Placed near Saturn, scholarly attributes.  If the area is very high or large, conceit.  Generally, idealism is the keynote for Jupiter.

  • Mount of Saturn

This mount is seldom highly developed.  Usually it partakes of either or both Jupiter and Apollo.  Saturn itself is the epitome of sobriety.  Love of solitude, cautiousness, and mental reserve are the characteristics.  Developed close to the heart line – the qualities magnify.  Towards Jupiter – very serious viewpoint about life.  Towards Apollo – genuine interest in the arts; sentiment becomes important.  Very active Saturnians, those with spatulate fingers, have the ability for sturdy occupations such as mining or agriculture.  Absent of the mount – indifference, periods of morbidness, often antisocial, a realist with little care for anyone.



Aries, who are you?

Aries initiates.  An Aries boss appreciates employees who are original in their thinking – as long as they make it perfectly clear that they have no intention to outshine him.  If you hear rumour of your company that it is about to go under, don’t look around too quickly for another job.  You may not need a new job after all, just look for your Aries boss.  If anybody can pull the company out of trouble, save it at the last minute of financial disaster, it is him.  He is adventurous, daring and courageous.  His drive is vital, passionate and strong.  Good luck that you will find him.

This Mars executive is too proud to let others know they have hurt him.  In spite of his quick temper and often occasional shouting, he hides quite well things that truly affect him deeply.  The ram won’t admit his dependence on anyone but himself.   He needs others far more than he would admit, taking every single decisions relying on his internal strengths until there are no more to draw.  After all, will power is the signature of Aries.  For example, he can delay or prevent disease just by his strong positive thinking.  He may have a cold, but he will get dressed back to the office as if nothing happened.  By the time he starts working his cold will be gone, to the mystery of all the doctors.

You are bound to feel the effect of such a forceful personality, so expect plenty of excitement, chaos, fireworks and intense activities around the office.  You will never have an uneventful business day as something will always be happening.  Remind him gently that those to whom he directs his anger may be some very important people, so keep him from saying harsh things that he will regret later.

Remember that despite the idealistic and optimistic enthusiam which gets over his head, he really needs your faith, loyalty and help.  Give these to him in abundance and you will find your way to a generous pay raise.

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Aries on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Aries (3) Mars in Aries (4) Sun in Aries (5) 3 or more planets in Aries, or a mixture of the above.