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My Aromatic Medicine Chest

At home I have over 100 bottles of essential oils. I like to collect them just like how I collect my tarot decks.  They can last for very long time if they are stored properly. Each time only a few drops will be used.  The quickest one that goes out of stock is true lavender.  I replace her probably once every three months.  The slowest are many.  I have a bottle of benzoin I hardly use because she is so thick to drop and not willing to leave the bottle at all!  Gorgeous vanilla scent though.

Some people ask me for the most useful esssential oils.  I recommend 5 of them, those are invaluable oils to keep in the home medicine chest, or to take with you when traveling.

Lavender – ruled by Mercury, she is a great help for balancing nervous system, especially for stress-related issues.  Use in a vapourizer or with 5 to 6 drops in a running bath. Just enjoy the scent and allow your mind to rest.  Also very useful when there is a cut wound.  Direct neat application onto the wound speeds up healing. A drop on the pillow promotes sleep.

Tea Tree – he is good for skin acne.  Also invaluable for its antiseptic, fungicidal, antiviral and immune-stimulant properties.  Ruled by Saturn he is so powerful I will dilute tea tree with carrier oil before application.  

Rosemary – ruled by the Sun she has stimulant properties on our mental and nervous systems.  A protective essential oil that I use for cleansing in my spiritual rituals.  She is strengthening, restorative, purifying, reviving and refreshing.  I also vapourise it together with lemon essential oil to boost memory. 

Roman Chamomile – ruled by the Moon she is the best children’s remedy. A mild relaxant and anti-inflammatory agent.  This oil smells lovely, very mild and encourages sleep and relaxation.  Excellent for treating insomnia and nervous tension.

Peppermint – I love everything peppermint!  Ruled by Mercury not only it is good for digestive complaints such as nausea or indigestion, it is also indispensable for problems in our respiratory system.  And if you have fever, try drink some peppermint tea to reduce the heat.

Oral prescription however is not advised.  It should only be practiced by suitably trained medical doctors, who, like qualified herbalists, have undergone many years of training. 

Hope you will have an opportunity to try them out. These 5 oils are generally safe and good for home remedies.

Virgo, who are you?

Party places are not the best hunting grounds when you are searching for these perfectionists.  You are more likely to find them working late at the office than being flamboyant at a cocktail gathering.  Virgos are pragmatic, they are too busy to day dream and not easy for them to relax in the crowd.

The Virgo is normally small in physique, yet he has far more strength than his fragile appearance.  He can stand more intense work over a longer period of time than the norm.  Care he needs for fear of nervous breakdown .  Worries come naturally to him, though he will cover them with his delightful smile. Virgo eyes are very clear, as if you can see your reflection in them.  They sparkle with clarity and intelligence of thoughts.

They are fastidious and exacting in eating, working, grooming and romance.  They have precise ideas about health, little patience with laziness and very few illusions about life and people even when they are in love.  When they are annoyed by carelessness, they can suddenly become cranky, irritable and nervous.  They are intolerant to mistakes, especially those made by themselves.  Their life lesson is to learn to be forgiving to the self. 

I have a Virgo friend her home has the most comprehensive medical chest I have ever seen.  When you have a headache, your Virgo friend is the one most likely to run to the chemist for you.  He will never take a drug unless he is familiar with each ingredient and how it works, so he will be an expert at telling you which remedy will be best for your headache, depending on what caused it.

It is hard to understand why Virgoans are sometimes called selfish, since they usually find more satisfaction in serving others than in satisfying their personal ambition.  Truth is they are prudent in spending money, and you will never find them throwing money away carelessly because waste is one of their no-go land.  However, they will make charming gestures to those who really deserve it, or to people they really like or love.

If you have one or two Virgo friends in life, you are one of the very blessed.

Palmistry: let’s learn together (Part 4)

List and discuss the starting points of the line of Saturn.

The line of Saturn is comply called the fate line and it represent the pattern of living.

There could be a few starting points:

Starting from the life line – self-reliance in searching for a career. Moral support from family or friend is helpful but not necessary.

Beginning inside the life line – the subject either receives or needs parental assistance or guidance by way of financial help towards an education or career in business or a profession.

Starting from the base of the palm near the wrist lines – a line of luck whereby the subject follows a pattern of living or career with little resistance or effort.

Starting on the lines of the wrist – obstacles must be overcome before success can be achieved.

From Luna area, lower side of the palm – imagination and restlessness play a strong part in the formation of the future of the subject. With a good head line and a prominent Luna area nothing with hinder the way to a desired goal for success. The lower the line, the more creative ability.

Starting from the head line – a career or arrange can take place later in life and can have equal success and happiness. A short line like this often accompanies a long Saturn line right beside it, indicating a second career or major interest.
List two terminations of the line of Saturn. 

On Saturn area under second finger – always a need to understand human relations. Early responsibilities may continue many years. 

On Jupiter area under first finger – ambitions that must be satisfied in a profession or business, security and a good home.

Where is the termination of the line of Apollo?

Termination of the Apollo line is under the third finger (Apollo mount area). Ending at the heart line – marriage may end the career of a woman. For a man, a change in career. 

List and discuss the lines of Mercury. 

This is also known as the line of health. 

The starting points of the line of Mercury are as follows: 

From the wrist, above the wrist line – the normal starting point, signifying health and success. Independent by nature so tends to overdo work or pleasure resulting in physical depletion.

From the life line – ailments in the digestive system. 

From Luna – restlessness. Desire for constant change.

From the middle of the palm – a period to begin an interest in an enterprise.

Absence of Mercury line – lucky sign. Good appetites, usually a strong
constitution with good business acumen. 

Termination of the Mercury line:

A long solid line ending under the little finger, Mercury area – want quick results and compensation in hard cash. NEdd to conserve physical energy.

Ending at the head line or the heart line – general activity may lessen or stop, depending upon health or occupation.

Give a brief outline to the Cephalic Line.

The cephalic line is parallel to the Mercury line towards the percussion side of the palm. This line indicates a physical reserve that can act when the Mercury line shows a weakness. When exactly parallel it foretells a craving for sensual pleasures and greed for wealth. 

Moving to a New Office

Last month I moved to a new office. It was on the same floor but in a different area with slightly smaller size. I didn’t think I would love the move but after I decorated the space I was happy about it. The walls were built so thin that everyone could hear my laughers, and sarcasm while I was on the phone. I got some new neighbours as well and was looking forward to sending them my positive vibes. I just hope I wouldn’t scare them off with my occasional voodoos!    

I picked an auspicious time to move into the office. The Moon was angular in the first house with lots of accidental dignities. She was in Gemini which was the same as my natal Moon. Her next aspect was to trine Venus. It was important that the next aspect of the Moon for her to see a benefic. Ruler of the chart was Mercury and he too was accidentally dignified in the angular seventh house. He was with Saturn by conjunction, likely to have lots of responsibilities in this position. But it was a working environment after all. 

The tenth house which governed career and public reputation was ruled by Jupiter – the great benefic. A lot of expansion and business opportunities would be expected.

 I also like a dignified Venus in this chart. Venus was in Libra in her own sign. She looked after relationship issues and was the Goddess of beauty. I felt I needed some flowers in my office to honour her. 

Finally the axis was mutable, making the residence very mobile. I intended to not stay in this office for too long. I would rather be travelling or move on to some place else should great opportunities arise. My last office I had a fixed axis in my election chart. I stayed for 3 years before I moved. I was intrigued to find out how long I would stay in this one.

Electional astrology is a helpful tool in finding auspicious moment in our lives to start something important and exciting. 

When a Star is Born

Do you know you can pick an auspicious time to start a new project?  While this does not guarantee success, in my experience it makes the subject a little easier to achieve the desired result.  After all, it is better for us to follow the direction of the wind when we sail, or the flow of the river when we swim, isn’t it?

I did not pick the most auspicious time to start this blog.  It was the forces of the universe that conjured up this space.

Today I fired up my computer to study the birth chart of Oracle Senboku blog.  This blog began on a Mercury day (Wednesday) in a Mercury hour.  This was fitting for such project because Mercury symbolises the messenger God, he rules writing and communication.  Mercury day + Mercury hour = double Mercury power.  Yeah!  Astrological election (auspicious time selection) can be done in simple or complicated way, the simplest yet effective one is the use of planetary days and hours.  Everyone can learn to do this, I am hoping to explain about this in future.

The first question in my mind was whether this blog would last long.  I started a blog 5 years ago and sadly I gave up 18 months later.  I wanted this one to be more permanent.  The angles of the chart were in fixed signs (Leo on the 1st house cusp, Scorpio on the 4th house cusp, Aquarius on the 7th house cusp and Taurus on the 10th house cusp).  This was excellent news!  Fixed signs implied something that do not move easily.  The 2 benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) were angular, giving them lots of power to act benevolently.  However the malefic Mars was strong as he was at the angle, and in his detriment.  Mars conjunct Mercury (natural ruler of writing), this reminded me of my tendency to publish anything in a rush without thinking carefully.  This was a good reminder.  My Sun sign Leo was the same as the ruler of this chart.  I think I could go on and on.  But it was enough to know the boat has started sailing in the same direction of the wind.