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Drawing Down The Moon

This is one classic magickal ritual. I love it! On a recent full moon (which came in many names: a harvest moon, a super moon, a blood moon, also the Chinese moon festival) I drew down the moon. It was sacred and serene. All of us can try this on a full moon night, blood moon or not. You can pray to the moon and absorb her healing energy. I encourage you to try this out and feel the experience.

To do this, stand in an open space at night where you can see the moon shines.  Above you the moon is growing brightly.  Gaze at the moon and stand with your feet firmly on the ground.  Raise your arms until they are over your head, but keep your elbows slightly bent.  Just like you are holding a balloon.  Imagine white light streaming from the moon down through to you.  This light is the energy of the Goddess.  Fill yourself with her energy and let it totally join and become one with you.

After you draw down the moon and are filled with the moon’s white light, you can do magick, or you can just enjoy the deep connection that you feel with the Goddess.  Some people get the tingling sensation through their body, others get the feeling of a cool breeze.  Whatever the feelings you encounter, you will find your spiritual batteries recharged.  Afterwards, you will feel cleansed and replenished.  This is one of the many ways for us to stay tune with our mother earth.  I hope you will enjoy this.

Blessing The City of Angel

A bomb ripped through central Bangkok close to the Erawan Shrine on Monday 17 August, killing 20 people.   According to officials, 12 of whom died at the scene. More than 120 people were injured.

The news saddened my heart and the World.  I felt we can only look forward from this point.  I consulted the Tarot cards for consolation and guidance.

Inspired by my Hekademia course teacher Marcus Katz I used his method of time-travel with tarot:

Take a situation in your life, consider it, shuffle your deck and pull a card in answer to the question “What does this mean to me now?”

Then continue to shuffle. Pull a card for the question, “What does this situation mean to me in a year?”

Then continue to shuffle. Pull a card for the question, “What does this situation mean to me in two years?”

Repeat as desired.

You can also time-travel backwards.

From “Tarosophy Squared”, forthcoming in 2016.

I pulled 3 cards from the Impressionist Tarot deck to have a glimpse of the future and asked about the implication of this tragic accident to the Thai people.

Card 1 (left) – what does this mean to Thailand now?

Card 2 (middle) – what does this situation mean to Thaliand in a year?

Card 3 (right) – what does this situation mean to Thailand in 2 years?


Card 1 is the Moon.  At the moment there is a lot of fear within the country.  It has not been clear who did this and whether there will be more bombs coming in.  Moon also represents the people: they are worried and haunted by the unknown.

Card 2 is the Magician.  In a year’s time people will be able to transform the experience into something useful.  The Thai people are creative and positive tribe, I am very happy to see this card appears as it foretells the country has the ability to build on the experience and make it a better place.

Card 3 is 9 of Cups.  In about 2 years time people will be living in serenity.  They will put the tragic experience behind.  The card looks exactly like a holiday place where people are having a good time.  All will be well.

Brightest Angel blessings to the country and the people.  I wish all of us will be back to Bangkok for holiday soon.

New Moon in Taurus

We have a new Moon in the zodiacal sign of Taurus at the moment (new moon phase began at 05:13 on 18 May 2015 Monday Greenwich time).  This phase commences when the Moon and the Sun are in conjunction, occupying the same degree of the zodiac.  The Moon is exalted in this position.  She behaves like a royal guest being invited to a rich man’s castle: powerful, respected and can do what she wants.  New moon is the beginning of a new cycle, it is the best time to initiate any new projects and schedule appropriate new beginnings. Since Taurus is an earth sign, the project types are best related to health, gardening, home and finances.  From now till this Sunday, it is prime time to capture the new Moon energy to plant your project seeds.

If you are a gardener, plant something appropriate for the season’s cycle.  Your plants will be promised with all nutrients they need to grow to the best of themselves.

Other good project ideas include setting up a saving account, initiating your yoga practice, starting a home decorating project. Forget about the sadness from the last Moon Cycle, all have come to past.

This week, let’s start something new and nurturing. What do you have in mind?