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Many Happy Returns

Stepping into August, it is my birthday month.  I feel very energised ever since the transiting Sun moves to Leo, where my natal Sun is located.  Often I write on birthday cards with "many happy returns" as greeting note.  Have you ever wondered what it means precisely?  It is a blessing that the return of the transiting Sun conjunct your natal Sun will bring you auspicious moment and a general dose of positive energy.  It is possible to have different kind of returns for example Mars return, Venus return or lunar return.  On birthday time it is the return of the Sun that we are celebrating, and the transiting Sun takes approximately a year to come back to the same zodiac degree – hence technically your birthday could be a day or two off before or after your actual date of birth.

I thought it is interesting to share my approach on astrological prediction.  As people who know me my mind is not particularly clever so when it comes to calculation and analysis I take the broad strokes and make things simple as best as I can.  A lot of times seeing the big picture will be all that is necessary to make sound decisions.  My approach can do just that.  And then if my clients want the specifics, I will move on to use Tarot as a divinatory tool.  That's why I love to use both as with them we can be comprehensive, or at least try.  Before Tarot I used to do horary chart on specific issues, I don't use this branch of astrology now, because to me Tarot is faster and more colourful.  Also because horary needs a lot of precision and detailed observation which is taking me forever. Horary astrologers are clever tribe.  Okay I just digressed.

Here is what I do for astrological prediction, and I will try to explain this with the least technical astro jargons:

I usually do a 'big' prediction once a year during birthday time.  I will look at the profection time lord of the year, this shows pretty much the key theme of that year.  I will study the profected house of the Ascendant, the condition of its ruler and the planets in that house. Then I will print off a monthly profection sub-lord list for my clients, explaining to him the secondary key theme of the 12 month starting from his birthday.

I will computer-calculate a Solar return chart, firstly looking at the house where the Sun is located.  This is another clue on the theme of the year.  I will study the Ascendant of the Solar return chart, overlay the chart with the client's natal chart to find out where the Solar return Ascendant is located in the natal chart.  I will also look at the condition of the Moon, Part of Fortune, MC and Mercury in the Solar return chart in relation to the natal chart.  Then I will observe the transiting Jupiter and Saturn in the natal chart, and after that follow my intutition to check anything else that pops up.  With all these notes usually there will be double whammies found which will give supporting evidence to my chart interpretation.

Once the story is told, I will move on with a Tarot reading, which could be a 12 month prediction or a Celtic cross reading addressing a specific issue.  To me this will be enough to give quite a vivid picture of the coming 12 months from the birthday.  See, it is not so dfficult, or is it?  I look forward to be of service to you one day, my friend.


Relocation for Good

A great friend asked me for advice on whether he should move to another country for living, as he felt stagnant in his locality.  According to him the career prospect was a standstill he felt perhaps it was not too late to try somewhere else.

Using astrology it is possible to find out the ideal location in the globe for one’s well being.  The querent has to be clear on his purpose: does he want fame?  Or love?  Or a supportive family?  With the goal in mind an astrologer is able to provide professional opinion on where to live – given his training on AstroCartoGraphy.

Truth was for a long time I haven’t been this kind of consultation.  I looked through my client file the last time I did a consultation with this branch of astrology was back in 2009!  In hindsight it could be the advent of information technology and e-commerce that made physical relocation semi-redundant. Lots of people worked from home with access to the world with their finger tips.  

To prepare for the reading I climbed up my book shelf to consult my astrology text books. It was indeed a good opportunity to revise and relearn.


The techniques of AstroCartoGraphy are based on sound, traditional astrological and astronomical principles, yet they have become accessible only because of the support of modern computers.  Traditional astrology has a time-oriented view.  The natal chart is itself of a moment in time in which we look for timing of events using techniques such as profections, solar returns and transits – all time-oriented techniques.  The space factor hasn’t played a big role because of the difficulties to convert longitude and lattitude by hand.  

Space factor is really what AstroCartoGraphy is about.  The traditional natal chart is a pseudo sky map as viewed from the earth looking up into the sky; whereas an AstroCartoGraphy map begins with a sky view from beyond the planets, looking down upon the earth.  The planets are superimposed exactly as they are over the earth.  With this branch of astrology we can determine where or in what direction to move in order to accomplish our live goals. Questions like where will I meet my future husband, or where can I become an authoritative business figure can be answered by this form of astrology.

Deepak Natal

My friend was considering to relocate to either Hanoi or Bangkok.  I studied his AstroCartography map and realised that there were no angular planets shining above either of the cities.  Then I looked up his natal chart, he was undergoing a 1st house profection time lord this year (a very strong year for him indeed).  His 1st house is in Leo ruled by the Sun in his 6th house.  The theme of this year is about his own intiation to fulfill his life which tied in with his health.  He should be looking after his body, doing exercises and devising dietary plans to strengthen his immune system.   If there is any obvious opportunity to move then his 9th house time lord has to be activated. 

I advised him that relocation was not in the picture.  Since his temperament was not earthy, hopefully the information would help him make more pragmatic decisions.

Fertile or Barren?

Over a cup of tea Lady Anne asked me if she would ever conceive another child again. She and her husband had come to the verge of giving up after exhausting all the modern means. Lady Anne was my long old friend and I felt for her. Quickly I pulled out my magical iPad and fired up her birth chart to find out blessings of God. Thanks to modern technology!  I could still remember all charts had to be done by hand calculation. Now they could be conjured up in a matter of minutes. How wonderful!

Lady Anne was still young and ‘within range’ to conceive a child. If she were in her late 50s I would likely have answered no straight away. I studied her 5th house which ruled children. Her 5th house had Libra on the cusp, hurray!  This was not one of the usual suspect of the barren signs. There were 3 barren signs in the zodiac: Gemini, Leo and Virgo. I would be less optimistic if any of those were on her 5th house cusp. Don’t worry if your Sun sign is any of those and you would like to conceive a child.  The sun sign doesn’t mean anything in this respect. The 5th house ruler Venus was aspected by Mars by opposition. This was an affliction.  However Jupiter the great benefic also formed a nice trine with Venus.  I could safely judge that she was very much fertile.

And then I looked for the timing for it to happen.  My favourite technique came from Hellenistic (Greek) astrology called Profection.  Her natal Ascendant and the Moon would be profected to the 5th house on her next birthday. That was awesome!  I told Lady Anne to hold on her efforts this year until her next birthday. This year her marriage was stressing out because of too much effort, I could see transit Saturn had just moved into her 7th house of marriage.  Saturn gave her marriage a heavy sense of burden and responsibilities. Yet the transit would lose influence in time. There was no reason to lose hope.

When there is a promise marked on the birth chart, it will be realised.  The secret lies in its timing to happen.  May the Forces be with Lady Anne.