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Palmistry: let’s learn together (Part 2)

Give a brief outline of what a mount is.

The mounts are fleshy elevations on the palm.  Hold the palm outstretched at eye level to ascertain which mounts are high or low.  High mounts – the evaluation of the qualities become stronger.  Note the mounts that are most prominent, then combine their meanings.


How many areas is the palm of the hand divided into?

The palm is divided into nine areas.  They are the key to our natural abilities and emotional traits.  Each area is called a mount, which sounds as though there is a point or hump in each section.  This is not the case.  It has been traditionally term to designate the different qualifications of each area.


Name four of these areas and list where they are found.

Mount Jupiter – under the first finger.

Mount Saturn – under the second finger.

Mount Apollo – under the third finger.

Mount Mercury – under the fourth finger.


Give a full interpretation of the following mount areas:

  • Mount of Luna

The mount area of Luna represents imagination, intuition, creative ability, and motivation.  It is a large area so it must be examined carefully to determine the exact location of the apex or precise spot of development.  Luna has varied physical forms.  It can bulge in spots or all over.  It can be thin and almost flat.  There may be few lines or many.  It may have the colour of a lot of blood or a little.  All of these things have a meaning.  When developed towards Upper Mars – the practical dreamer is able to apply imaginative ideas to everyday needs.  If the entire percussion bulges – need for physical activity combined with some creative project.  Near the wrist – sensuality, sometimes just imaginative.  Towards Venus – romantic, emotional.  Towards the Plain of Mars – aggressiveness to further one’s ability.  All of these types are intensified if the mount shows a reddish colour.  A bluish colour – sadness, even melancholia enters the imagination, such as the gloomy poet or composer.  Pale colour – may possess any one of the qualifications for the specific type, but indifference would be evident unless pressure were exerted.

  • Monunt of Upper Mars

This area, located between Mercury and Luna on the percussion side of the palm, represents endurance, bravery, fortitude and resistance.  This is a passive form as opposed to the activity of Lower Mars, but it takes both for balance.  Higher or stronger towards Mercury – nothing can defeat this person in business or profession, very persistent.  Towards the centre of the palm, the Plain of Mars – guard against over aggressiveness.  Towards Luna – take advantage of imaginative inspirational qualities, such as an attorney who can sway a jury by his choice of words.  Towards the percussion – physical reserve.  Overdeveloped – cruelty.  Absent – morbid, always on the defensive.

  • Mount of Jupiter

The mount area of Jupiter normally represents ambition and social prestige.  If the development is closer to the side of the palm, family pride is the chief ambition; closer to the head line, leadership, a desire for authority.  Here, arrogance would have to be subdued.  Placed near Saturn, scholarly attributes.  If the area is very high or large, conceit.  Generally, idealism is the keynote for Jupiter.

  • Mount of Saturn

This mount is seldom highly developed.  Usually it partakes of either or both Jupiter and Apollo.  Saturn itself is the epitome of sobriety.  Love of solitude, cautiousness, and mental reserve are the characteristics.  Developed close to the heart line – the qualities magnify.  Towards Jupiter – very serious viewpoint about life.  Towards Apollo – genuine interest in the arts; sentiment becomes important.  Very active Saturnians, those with spatulate fingers, have the ability for sturdy occupations such as mining or agriculture.  Absent of the mount – indifference, periods of morbidness, often antisocial, a realist with little care for anyone.



Aquarius, who are you?

They are so full of surprises.  They can lead you east, then suddenly run to the west without any warning.  Aquarius have a miraculous way of not letting you know what they are up to.  If your husband is an Aquarius, you might recall the time you kept complaining about the problem with the kitchen stove for a whole week yet he just buried his head in his newspaper.  Then suddenly you found a new stove in place as a big surprise.  Well, you shouldn’t be.  You should have learned to expect such behavior.

Trusting people does not come naturally to the Aquarians, they have so much of analysis from their penetrating mind.  Their curiosity will let them ask the most embarrassing questions to you in order to find out what’s behind your face.  However once you are accepted, you will receive their loyal friendship that harmful gossips could not shake.  If you are their friends, they will not believe what your enemies say about you, though they might just listen into what they say out of curiosity.

Despite their fixation on friendship, Aquarius have few very close friends.  There is too much to discover around the corner to remain tied to a few friendships exclusively.  They seem to be seeking quantity in their associations, and seldom settle down.  You can often recognize people born under this fixed, air sign by their frequent use of the word ‘friend’. A beginning chat with ‘My friend…’, or broken romance that ends with ‘Can’t we still be friends…’, are just iconic.

Normally it is difficult to get an Aquarian to make a precise appointment.  He would rather keep it loose because he doesn’t like to be pinned down to specific obligations.  He will be happier with the idea of ‘I will see you around’ to a definite hour of a meeting.  However once you have succeeded in getting his agreement he will show up by the dot.  You can depend on him.

You can expect him to give his opinion (radical) frankly, but he won’t sell you his ideas like Leo, Aries or Gemini do.  He has no desire to sell you his ideas because he is not the type who wants to dictate how you think or live your life.  Aquarians believe that everyone should live in his ideal, as everyone has his own yearning.

The soul of the water bearer is futuristic.  Tradition and authority leave him unimpressed.  He will politely respect them, but his mind and body must both be as free as the wind.

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Aquarius on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Aquarius (3) Saturn in Aquarius (4) Sun in Aquarius (5) 3 or more planets in Aquarius, or a mixture of the above.

Product Review: Stress Away ™ Essential Oil

The name of this product is interesting. Stress Away ™ sounds like a sorcerer sweep to me, that all my worries can be lifted off instantly!  Have been using this oil for a week, I enjoyed it a lot. This is an essential oil blend formulated by Young Living.  I want to be sharing occassionally their products that I have tried personally and found them therapeutic.

She is my ‘love at first scent’.  I fell in love with her scent right away when I opened the bottle. She was sweet and creamy, like a French pudding. This must be the Vanilla oil in the blend. I  used it for body massage mostly before I went to bed.  It was heaven.  A few minutes after the oil absorbed into my body I started to feel a peppermint cool that calmed my nerves down.  My body felt much lighter as if the burden of my day was magically removed; my soul was feather stroked by my Arch Angel.

I was curious why this oil brought me so much joy so I studied her composition.  Taken from my notes:


What amuses me is her planetary signature. Stress Away ™ has the signature of all traditional planets except one: Saturn.  No wonder her magic is so calming and relaxing!  Saturn rules all duties and responsibilities.  He is a serious father who wants discipline for his children for their own sake, so that they can protect themselves within safe boundaries.  Often we feel heaviness from Saturn because of his demand for perfection through life’s training.  

Sometimes, probably at the end of a day, we can take a little break.  Stress Away ™ helps to do exactly that. I can sleep very well after applying it for body massage. The next day morning I feel energised and ready again for new challenges ahead. 

My recommendation on how to use Stress Away ™:

1. Full body massage.  I use 3% dilution (eg. 8 drops in 15 mil of carrier oil) as my skin is sensitive, and my belief that ‘less is more’.

2. Inhalation. 5-6 drops in a diffuser. Diffuse for under 3 hours.

3. Hot bath. After filling hot water in the bath tub add 5-6 drops.

I hope you will enjoy Stress Away ™ as much as I do.  If you would like to make a purchase please click the Young Living icon on the right side of my home page, or here. You will find options on buying at normal retail price or discounted independent distributor price. There is no minimum order required if you wish to register as an independent distributor. 


Capricorn, who are you?

Determination.  Not only that, it is a determination to win.  Remember the Aesop story with the bright hare and the slow tortoise?  He is definitely not as competitive as the hare, but the bright hare goes in all directions forgetting the goal, and finally the tortoise wins.

Capricorn is a mountain goat who climbs the mountain determinedly until he reaches the top.  He is careful to avoid the sharp rocks, no wonder he seldom stumbles.  His eyes aren’t fastened on the stars.  Instead he keeps his gaze fastened ahead, and his feet firmly planted on the ground.  Jeaslousy, anger, impulses are all obstacles, let others fall over them.  Not the capricorn.

Where will you find him?  You will find him anywhere that he can advance or improve himself.  Look for a social climber in a gathering.  He may not have charming or flashy personality, nor will he attracts attention on the dance floor.  Since the goat merges into the group so gently, unconsciously camouflaging himself into the background, it is not easy to recognise him. Yet, he will always triumph his competitors.

There is always a hint of melancholy and seriousness surrounding his Saturn personality. Duty and responsibilities are in his blood.  He has an enormous admiration for those who have preceded him to the top of the mountain.  He respects authority and honour tradition.  Some could be romantic, up to the point that emotion do not blind them to illusion.  Even the romantic ones are solid, fact-based and do not go over the edge with their feelings.  But they are defintely good marriage material because if they ask for marriage they are prepared for the committment.

Old age is constantly on the Saturnian mind.  Capricorn who wants to avoid sickness should have plenty of outdoor exercise.  The fresh air of the country will work magic with his health.

Note: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Capricorn on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Capricorn (3) Saturn in Capricorn (4) Sun in Capricorn (5) 3 or more planets in Capricorn, or a mixture of the above.

Moving to a New Office

Last month I moved to a new office. It was on the same floor but in a different area with slightly smaller size. I didn’t think I would love the move but after I decorated the space I was happy about it. The walls were built so thin that everyone could hear my laughers, and sarcasm while I was on the phone. I got some new neighbours as well and was looking forward to sending them my positive vibes. I just hope I wouldn’t scare them off with my occasional voodoos!    

I picked an auspicious time to move into the office. The Moon was angular in the first house with lots of accidental dignities. She was in Gemini which was the same as my natal Moon. Her next aspect was to trine Venus. It was important that the next aspect of the Moon for her to see a benefic. Ruler of the chart was Mercury and he too was accidentally dignified in the angular seventh house. He was with Saturn by conjunction, likely to have lots of responsibilities in this position. But it was a working environment after all. 

The tenth house which governed career and public reputation was ruled by Jupiter – the great benefic. A lot of expansion and business opportunities would be expected.

 I also like a dignified Venus in this chart. Venus was in Libra in her own sign. She looked after relationship issues and was the Goddess of beauty. I felt I needed some flowers in my office to honour her. 

Finally the axis was mutable, making the residence very mobile. I intended to not stay in this office for too long. I would rather be travelling or move on to some place else should great opportunities arise. My last office I had a fixed axis in my election chart. I stayed for 3 years before I moved. I was intrigued to find out how long I would stay in this one.

Electional astrology is a helpful tool in finding auspicious moment in our lives to start something important and exciting.