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Scorpio, who are you?

How do you recognise a Scorpio person?  First of all, he looks cold to you.  Frosty on the outside definitely, in order to cover his warmth on the inside.  He likes secrecy hence would rather you not know how he truly feels.  Often he is recognised by his hypnotic gaze which is rather charming, I mean if you like him.  Otherwise his gaze will give you a chill at your back.  Smiles are rare, but genuine.

When he says something nice to you, treasure it.  You can be sure it is sincere and unpretentious. His usual is to give you the brutal, naked truth. Interestingly he is very loyal to his friends because of the water sign.  He never forgets a gift or kindness from you.  Yet, equally you are not easily forgiven if you do him harm or injustice. Some are obsessed with how to get even, imagine him lying awake at night figuring how.  Just like Femme Fatale!

Scorpions are deeply interested in religion. They are intensely curious about all phases of life and death, and passionately concerned with sex.

At work, his ambition is not obvious. Always quietly awaits for the chance to move ahead while he serves, knowing he is qualified for the position above him. Then he takes control slowly, but in a determined way. He is a free spirit who does not fuss about how other people think.

His key word is intensity.  A Scorpio person is intensely passionate about politics, work, friendship, religion, food, relatives, children and any other categories you can think of. 

The true nature of this sign is sensual. Women will find him irresistibly attractive (and vice versa).

: These personality traits are most prominent in people whose natal chart has (1) Scorpio on the Ascendant (2) Moon in Scorpio (3) Mars in Scorpio (4) Sun in Scorpio (5) 3 or more planets in Scorpio, or a mixture of the above.

Fertile or Barren?

Over a cup of tea Lady Anne asked me if she would ever conceive another child again. She and her husband had come to the verge of giving up after exhausting all the modern means. Lady Anne was my long old friend and I felt for her. Quickly I pulled out my magical iPad and fired up her birth chart to find out blessings of God. Thanks to modern technology!  I could still remember all charts had to be done by hand calculation. Now they could be conjured up in a matter of minutes. How wonderful!

Lady Anne was still young and ‘within range’ to conceive a child. If she were in her late 50s I would likely have answered no straight away. I studied her 5th house which ruled children. Her 5th house had Libra on the cusp, hurray!  This was not one of the usual suspect of the barren signs. There were 3 barren signs in the zodiac: Gemini, Leo and Virgo. I would be less optimistic if any of those were on her 5th house cusp. Don’t worry if your Sun sign is any of those and you would like to conceive a child.  The sun sign doesn’t mean anything in this respect. The 5th house ruler Venus was aspected by Mars by opposition. This was an affliction.  However Jupiter the great benefic also formed a nice trine with Venus.  I could safely judge that she was very much fertile.

And then I looked for the timing for it to happen.  My favourite technique came from Hellenistic (Greek) astrology called Profection.  Her natal Ascendant and the Moon would be profected to the 5th house on her next birthday. That was awesome!  I told Lady Anne to hold on her efforts this year until her next birthday. This year her marriage was stressing out because of too much effort, I could see transit Saturn had just moved into her 7th house of marriage.  Saturn gave her marriage a heavy sense of burden and responsibilities. Yet the transit would lose influence in time. There was no reason to lose hope.

When there is a promise marked on the birth chart, it will be realised.  The secret lies in its timing to happen.  May the Forces be with Lady Anne.

When a Star is Born

Do you know you can pick an auspicious time to start a new project?  While this does not guarantee success, in my experience it makes the subject a little easier to achieve the desired result.  After all, it is better for us to follow the direction of the wind when we sail, or the flow of the river when we swim, isn’t it?

I did not pick the most auspicious time to start this blog.  It was the forces of the universe that conjured up this space.

Today I fired up my computer to study the birth chart of Oracle Senboku blog.  This blog began on a Mercury day (Wednesday) in a Mercury hour.  This was fitting for such project because Mercury symbolises the messenger God, he rules writing and communication.  Mercury day + Mercury hour = double Mercury power.  Yeah!  Astrological election (auspicious time selection) can be done in simple or complicated way, the simplest yet effective one is the use of planetary days and hours.  Everyone can learn to do this, I am hoping to explain about this in future.

The first question in my mind was whether this blog would last long.  I started a blog 5 years ago and sadly I gave up 18 months later.  I wanted this one to be more permanent.  The angles of the chart were in fixed signs (Leo on the 1st house cusp, Scorpio on the 4th house cusp, Aquarius on the 7th house cusp and Taurus on the 10th house cusp).  This was excellent news!  Fixed signs implied something that do not move easily.  The 2 benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) were angular, giving them lots of power to act benevolently.  However the malefic Mars was strong as he was at the angle, and in his detriment.  Mars conjunct Mercury (natural ruler of writing), this reminded me of my tendency to publish anything in a rush without thinking carefully.  This was a good reminder.  My Sun sign Leo was the same as the ruler of this chart.  I think I could go on and on.  But it was enough to know the boat has started sailing in the same direction of the wind.