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Crystals and Astrology

In traditional lore the healing qualities of minerals, or the healing crystals, generally remain subjective. Yet as the symbolic meaning of the crystals became part of the collective unconscious, their psychological or psychic qualities were thought to have an effect on our mind and body. As a crystal healer myself the gemstones are my everyday must-haves. I use them for daily healing and depends on the planetary ruler of the day and my need I carry associated crystals, most of the time I wear them in form of pendant or bracelets. I also use crystals to cleanse the aura of myself and space around me. In the past I perform crystal healing therapy on my clients, usually I would perform chakra clearing / balancing. Now I have spent more time on essential oils and tarot readings. Still crystals are always a part of me and they come in very handy whenever I need an extra boost of mojo to amplify sending positive energies to someone.

There is a direct link between crystals and astrology, since the Sun, Moon and Stars, as well as the Earth are all rocks. Crystals are also called the indigo children of heaven and earth. One reason attributable to the mineral facilities of healing is their ability to transmit and absorb light from the Sun. One interesting fact I learned is that there is a very potent link between human beings, the Earth and the Sun. The Earth’s equator inclines 23 ½ degrees towards the Sun in its orbit around the solar disc; this reflects the same inclination of the human heart towards the left side of the body also at 23 ½ degrees. Our human design is not coincidence. There is a direct link with the Sun, the Earth and the human heart. In astrology the Sun is associated with the heart. Such glimpse of knowledge of the divine plan humbles me.

The colours of the crystals. The variance of colour depends upon absorption and transmission of light bringing them beauty and radiance. The geometry of the crystals defines the metaphysical properties of the individual piece. Planetary rulership of plants and crystals serves as a guide for selection, and ultimately choice must always rest with the intuitive understanding of the astrologer.

My interests are in the mineral kingdom (crystals), the plant kingdom (essential oils) and the kingdom of the soul (astrology and the metaphysics). All of them correspond to each other, with lifetime study I want to become a better holistic healer to heal people’s mind, body and spirit.

What is your Archetype?

I want you to just do this.  Take your birth date and add the 3 numbers together.  For example if you were born in 13th June 1983,  you add 13+6+1983 together.  This will end up in a four-digit number.  (In this example the number is 2002).  You then add the 4 single numbers together.  (In this example is 2+0+0+2 = 4).  If the number equals to 21 or smaller, congratulations!  You are done with the math.  If the number is larger than 21, then you add the resulting 2 numbers together to make it smaller than 21.  And your math is done.

That simple!  Now you look through the table to find out what it says about the number.  In each number there is a positive and a negative keyword, they are 2 sides of your same coin.

The number corresponds to a Tarot’s major arcana archetype.  It is often called your Personality Card which denotes your basic, invariable nature.  That being said, how we are nurtured may have caused some modifications.  Over-broad that they can be,  they are more accurate than what your Sun sign says about you.  Tell me what you think?

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