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What can we learn from Temperance

Often my friends and work colleagues say to me that I am a well-tempered person.  I am sure this is a complement.  Yet one part of me say to myself that a well-tempered person is so bland, as if there is little colour and excitement in life.  Recently when I looked through my tarot journal I was reminded Temperance is my hidden factor card.  It describes a trait that is supposed to be not obvious yet a key factor to bring success in life.  Temperance…looks like it is best for me to love and embrace. What is so good about Temperance?

The key message with Temperance is balance.  With balance and moderation one can mix together diverse elements (fire, water, air and earth) to bring forth a new creation.  Crystal therapy is excellent solution to chakra balances, another one is hatha yoga where without knowing we are step by step stimulating and opening our chakras.  Temperance also allows us to coorperate harmoniously and patiently with others.

It is wise to slow down and re-evaluate your position, compromise on the issue at hand could be the best solution for now.